straps - why 4, not 2?

I’m always amazed
that the minimal strappers seem to think it is simply an issue of their own risk–that if they under-secure their load, it’s their boat that will be lost/destroyed.

But the real issue is the risk you are putting random unlucky drivers under–drivers you share the road with, who didn’t have a say in your two-straps-not-four decision.

"I was on my way back home from Valdez with 2 kayaks…"

Woman, you are killin’ me here!! :wink:


Only three types of folks here:
Belt folks;

Suspender folks;

Belt AND suspender folks.

The three types will socialize, but tend to form tight-knit groups for defense at campfires.


(belt & suspender type)

no description needed
I will be the car with two kayaks on foam blocks with no bow or stern lines.

At 55 mph and below, I use just the two

If I’m going out on the highway (up to 70 mph), I add the bow and stern lines.


bow and stern lines don’t save

I put the straps on tighten them walk to the back wiggle the sterns very hard (no movement), walk to the front wiggle bow very hard (no movement). I put half hitches just below the cam so if it slips the half hitch will tighten on the cam.

I can see the bows of my kayaks while driving so I don’t need ‘feeler’ ropes to help me know what is going on. Also, as someone pointed out it only counts when you cross the bow and stern lines. Otherwise the foam slips, or the strap breaks, or something happens and the kayak falls off the car to the side where it hits the road breaks, drags, sends debris flying… oh and there is potential for the ropes to get caught in an axle or around a wheel.

So unless you cross the lines you aren’t doing your kayak, yourself, or the motorist behind you much good. Just don’t tighten the bow lines too much or you could warp your plastic boat or crack a fiberglass one. And those saddles… just one more point of failure waiting to fail.

P.S. J saddles = :frowning:
they create a higher side profile of the kayak while traveling. This gives them a bigger surface area for crosswinds to hit. I was driving in the keys with my little foamies and straps following my friends with his new Yakima (I think) J-saddle. Going over a bridge a crosswind hit his kayak, popped the whole rig off. Fortunately his bow and stern line held… the kayak and saddles slammed into on coming traffic.

How about we all just switch to duct tape?


Sounds like
you didn’t have your straps tight.

Hey, COME ON UP…maybe I should start a business, hosting my P-net Partners in Prince William Sound.


I just may get out in the river this weekend, water is finally opening up. Get some practice in before my first big trip the end of May.

CAN’T WAIT…I think I will go back to Surprise Cove,…so gang,…

Meet me in Whittier May 26, and NO you can’t have my campsite.