Subaru Forester Owners - Front Tie-Downs

web loops
I’d like to obtain commercial web loops for this but am not sure what they even look like or where to commercially obtain them. Suggestions?

Top ties
Yep…they’re called Top-Ties and you can get them from Rutabaga. Here’s the link. Very inexpensive safety and convenience. We have them on 5 different vehicles in our family.

Web Loops…
I also have a Forester and I got some web loops from…they are absolutely GREAT!

The front ones hook onto the side bolts just under the hood, you just tuck them in when not in use.

The back ones have rubber stoppers on one end and the loop/grommet on the other. You just shut them in with the rear door and the stoppers stop them from sliding out. So simply, yet a stroke of genius!!

I’ve had SOOO many paddlers ask me where I got them that I actually made copies of the Rutabaga page and keep them in the back of the Subie to hand out when asked!

And your post has me wondering
if you have a sense of humor.

Thanks for the tip
I had never heard of Top-Ties, but they seem like they would work great on my Honda Fit. I just ordered some from Rutabaga.