Suggestions for Kayak purchase?

I wonder if you’d fit in a Looksha Sport or Elaho sport(aparently used to be called Tikani)? cockit would be fine but i dont know if theres enough leg/foot room. both around 14 ft and the plastic versions went out of production a year or two ago i think but could be findable used. Elaho DS would be nice. I own the “newer” rudder version just because i couldn’t find a skeg and i like mine a lot except weathercocking in quartering seas. i’m 6’1 180 so you will have no problem fitting into one.

Ditto Prijon
Yukon Expedition. You will not regret it.

QCC Kayaks
300S is short at 13’ and stable, and the 600X is 16’8" and very fast

Boreal Design Muktuk would be another decent plastic 16 footer. very stable,good speed. just needs proper cockipit outfitting and you’re set.

Liquid Logic

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I'm in the process of selecting my first kayak so not much of an authority. I've paddled some of the boats mentioned by others. I paddled the Liquid Logic Pisgah with a rudder and really liked it. Might want to check it out as an option.

try one if possible
Leon, if at all possible try a Hurricane Tampico L. Don’t let the 13.5 length fool you. I have the S and keep up with all our group in longer boats since the Tampico is only 40 lbs and tracks so straight that I feel every bit of my paddle stroke goes into moving forward. It has a good coaming and most important front and rear bulkheads and good deck lines. My brother tested everything last summer when he came back to visit and bought one and he’s about your size and wanted a longer boat but kept coming back over and over again to the Tampico. Me too! He put aftermarket thigh braces onto the coaming and paddles his off the coast of Florida as well as inland rivers.

yukon here’s a neat page about the Yukon. I wanna test paddle one myself,it sounds neat. kinda like a longer version of my Crossfire.