Suggestions on first canoe

I have that exact same boat
sitting in my yard. If it doesn’t leak - Buy it. Get seller to throw in his paddles if you can.

Mad River Explorer 14
Smallish but will do it all. My recommendation for a first canoe this week.

First canoe
I began with a 15 foot Coleman and did fine. 16 feet or longer will go faster. I prefer polyethylene or ABS boats to aluminum because they are quieter. You should be able to find a canoe in your price range at Dunham’s or Dick’s Spoting goods and perhaps even at Sam’s Club. I have seen some canoes advertised there for around $300-$350 recently.

the price range on tandem canoes runs from Pelicans @ ~$400 to Swifts Carbon infusions with synthetic rails, ~ $4000. Locked into the lower end of the array, a used Grummy is probably a pretty good bet. It’s a way better ride than the rotomolded and PE canoes. Yeah, you’ll want something lighter, faster, etc later.

One place you must not scrimp is your paddles. They should fit you, both, and need to be well enough shaped to provide some blade sensitivity in the water.

If you’re going to sit you should select bents, if you kneel straights are preferred.

Fox Werks, Sawyer and Bending Branches have pretty good sticks around $80, but you’ll be better off spending $100-125 each.

email me for a fit protocol.