Suitability of SOTs for river paddling

Good suggestion
I’ll post the question there.

That’s the second negative comment about the Frenzy’s behavior with obstructions. Think I’ll stay away from it.

Now I have to try to figure out what boat the AA photo showed.

Try my Scrambler for fun
Pikabike, I don’t have thigh straps on it, but if you want to ride my OK Scrambler down through the Clear Creek Waterpark sometime you would be welcome to. It’s lots of fun and really wet if you lean wrong eddying out. I’m sure you would want to wait for more ice to go away, but call it when you want if you have a drysuit or whatever. You would probably want to bring a shorter paddle than I use for touring in my fat old loon. You definately would want a helmet and also a farmer Jane to protect the shins


And From Frenzy Fanatics
I am a Frenzy fanatic. I love it in big surf, but just not meant for rocky rivers.

I might do that!
I keep looking at people playing in CC park and thinking, “Hey, no shuttle!” And the water is a little nicer than at the other popular hangout along the S. Platte bike path.

Yellow Loon with a Brittany in it, eh? The first year we had kayaks, my then-boyfriend (he’s my husband now) and I took our Loon and Castine onto Chatfield, complete with our young dog, Jupiter. He had to sit on Jupiter’s leash to keep him somewhat in the same place, but there was no capsizing (Loons are great for this kind of stuff!). Then a fire engine siren wailed down Wadsworth…and another…and another…a whole chorus of them…WHOA, that one sounded like it came off the water! I looked at Jupiter and saw his snout up in the air, jaws open and sounding exactly like another fire engine! So then I imitated the siren, and his snout turned toward me, singing right along! I wish with all my heart that we had a video of that.

Waterton Canyon and South Platte
Watch out for Rattlers along the river bank I used to run into lots of them fishing. Also several rivers in the Denver metro area have hazzards such as wing damns that are not easy to see until too late. A rafter drowned in a hydraulic right outside the company I used to work at on Clear Creek.

The lowly Frenzy…

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Kind of a long story but this weekend we were heading out the surf report was for big waves so I decided not to take the Jive, because I would get killed dragging my head on the reef. I went to take the strike but my son's friend had inadvertantly blown two rivets holding the seat a few weeks ago and we had not noticed, so I grabbed the lowly Frenzy. Sure it was slow paddling out and I could only just blast straight in to shore, no bottom turns or cutbacks, but I was having a good time just being out on the waves. I surfed straight to the beach several times and ended up moving down a ways to where the waves are smallest to paddle back out and there were three hardcore kayakers in whitewater boats playing in the piddly beach break. When I paddled out to where they were, they looked like .. "oh god a sit on top kayaker"... so I paddled further out in the main break and a big wave came in, I flew over the top of it and the frenzy smacked so hard it sounded like a bomb going off. Just as I hit a dolphin jumped out of the backside of the wave and circled under me several times like it was trying to get me to play. I then surfed the next big wave into the beach from a long way out. People came up to tell me how cool it looked surfing with a dolphin on the big wave all the way in. Kind of a nice morning back on the water surfing after a long break with the flu.

S. Platte
The section of the S. Platte I was referring to is along the paved bike path in Englewood (Union Chutes?), not in Waterton Canyon. Waterton would be a beautiful place to paddle but I think the only activity allowed in it is fishing.

I loved the dolphin story! Some came near us in FL, in the Crystal River, and I tried to keep up with them but could not!

During our surf lesson, a sea lion popped up next to the instructor. He pointed it out, then the critter dove down and re-appeared in back of him as if he were watching. We got very close to some right in Mission Bay, too. Also must’ve been thousands of jellyfish in one place, where the jetskis are allowed.

snakes and such
Waterton has a lot of little stone dams a couple of miles up from Martin. I would guess it’s done in the cause of trout habitat. I’ve pulled some nice pan size ones out of the pools in the winter. Bear Creek has more little rattlesnakes along the bank than you can count. Not much good yak water though (info to readers not familiar with the area.)

Pikabike, I think that my yaking friend and I were talking to you and a partner at last year’s REI demo on Chatfield. Two ladies at the RMSKC table were selling a couple of personal yaks. Was that you? After we were done putting REI’s craft throught the paces (and getting scolded for going too far out of the cove to play in the PWC wakes) we went and got our own off the top of my truck and played around until it got too cold and hungry to continue.


It wasn’t me
I assume you’re talking about the 2003 demos, not 2002.

Jet ski wakes, yeah, lots of those at Chatfield!