Surf Kayak Instruction in Mid-Atlantic?

After a taste of surf kayaking last summer in San Diego and an upcoming surfing class in the SF Bay Area next month, I’m in search of a slightly more local instruction center for this subject.

I’m located in Northern Virginia, just outside of DC, and while we have some strong outfitters for instruction in sea kayaking and WW kayaking, none (that I know of) offer anything in the surf arena. For reference, some of the closest beach areas are Dewey/Rehoboth Beach (DE), Ocean City (MD), and Virginia Beach. Anybody know of any good outfitters in these or other nearby areas that offer this type of instruction? Thanks in advance for the help…

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If you find a school nearby, great! But, personally, I think after learning basic skills around boat handling, e.g. bracing, stern and bow rudders, and safety in surf, the best way to improve is to take that boat out and surf as much as possible.

It helps to find some good surf partners for safety and mutual encouragement.

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I agree…
As a recent convert…well…not exactly a convert, just added surf kayaking to my list of fun things I do…I agree with Sing. I bought my kayak (WS Kaos)…asked some questions here, found some smallish surf, and started paddling. I learned plenty on my first two times out…but of course my advice is to start on small waves and alter your techniques to figure out how to make the boat work for you.

I’m not saying that everyone can’t benefit from professional instruction…but my worst day paddling with bad (self learned) technique has always beat my best day at work :wink:

Have fun and welcome to the fast and furious world of surf kayaking! These guys are the bomb!


Two videos

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There is a video by Performance Kayaking series called" In the Surf. " It can give you an idea of some skills, its not wonderful but pretty good. Another video that has improved my skills is just a DVD of cool surfing put together by Vince Shay called The Search 2, if you search for it you can find how to order. Just watching some of the best surfers teaches things about positioning on the wave, take off, trimming, rudder technique, the rest of the stuff they do is way beyond me and my plastic boat. The best way to learn is to find other kayakers which can be kind of hard. The second best way is to just get out there and practice. Also if you check on webpages for and DIck Wolds webpage they have some good info on how to perform more advanced moves.

Oh yeah and if you want to get inspired check out Preston's webpage (the guy who designed the Boogie)

also check out his video on Jamala wipeouts.

Coming to Norcal?

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You might want to ask this question on the surfzone at boatertalk.

My kayak surfing exprience improved a lot after taking lessons. I had surfed my Frenzy on small surf for years, but the instructors forced me to the next level imediately, and gave me the 411 on the local beaches around Santa Cruz. Where to go, and where not to go. Also a good way to meet other kayak surfers.

Where are you going to take a surf lesson in San Francisco area? You might want to take a drive down to Capitola... Much more relaxed.

Don't expect much surf this year. It has been a very, very flat spring. The worst I remember...

I never kayak surfed on the east coast, but I used to surf long boards. I know Folly Beach is one hot spot for kayak surfers now. The surf at Myrtle Beach was pretty good sometimes, so was Virginia Beach.

The surf season on the southeast coast is late summer when hurricanes start to brew offshore.