Surf SOT???

I used screws and a good drill/w head. it has worked good and no leaks. did make sure i used stainless steel though.

I bought a Kaos last year and have had a great time riding it. The only drawbacks are those that folks have already noted…the foot “wells” where you put your feet can sometimes rub your ankle, although my feet are so big that I really don’t have that problem. I’m 6’ 2" and 195 pounds…and even though the Kaos is fun I think I could use a bit bigger boat. I haven’t used the fins on it…simply because our Myrtle Beach waves are a bit mushy and not very “rideable” for the most part. From my experiences though the hardware, straps and everything are very durable. I did have a problem with the bottom part of the hull “indenting” right under my butt, but gluing some rigid foam in there has stopped that from happening.