Tail Bone Oww even after Skwoosh

I am paddling longer and longer and it seems that my squoosh pad stops working after 5 hours.

I have a wilderness systems tsunami with the phase III seat. I may have the pedals too close because I like a very tight feel.

As far as cushioning goes…should I get one of those tail bone pads from the medical supply companies or is it worthwhile trying to make something up with Minicell foam to give my tail bone a little more altitude.

Try padding in from the sides

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The Tsunami's pretty wide. If you have your footpegs short it may be to force your knees outward & upward for contact with the boat. This lifts your legs up and puts more weight on your sitbones.

Try installing some closed-cell foam on the inside at about gunwale level, so your legs make contact with it a bit above your knees. You can also pad down from the underside of the cockpit coaming. Then you won't have to splay your knees out so far to make contact, you can lengthen your footpegs, stretch your legs out a bit to distribute your weight more onto your thighs and ease off your poor tailbone.

I don’t know the boat, but maybe you
need a seat with a no-contact relief zone for what’s hurting you. Some plastic seats are amenable to such modification (cut away, then heat bend the edges of the aperture). Or, you can get a foam seat with bulkheads from redfishkayak.com .

My son tried the Skwoosh and we
returned it - Have you tried a yak pad (thicker gel which doesn’t move inside)? We like ours.

tail bone
Cut out a wedge on a foam pad. Where your tailbone is.

Sleeping bag foam works great. very inexpensive.

Thanks for all the advice…I am definetly going to push the pedals forward first, and then re-foam or re-adjust the existing pads and see what happens.

cheek pads ?
I frequently have trouble with tail bone rubbing the seat. For me, a minicell foam pad on each cheek keeps the coccyx off the seat, and still allows trunk rotation. I fasten them to the seat with velcro tape so I can move them around and find the perfect fit.