Tall Newbie ??

Hi all

I was thinking about getting a kayak, Im 6’5, for one thing, I’d probably be on the river most of the time and although I’ve thought about getting a kayak off and on for years… I could use the exercise. I saw a old thread that said the Perception Rhythm 14 might be good, then I saw some not so good reviews. Here’s another twist, I’ll probably fish out of it once in a while too !!!, but more for fun and exercise.

So if there’s one or two You could recommend I take a look at , I’d appreciate Your help !!! Thanks, Chris

Just try some out. I’m just as tall
and I bought a demo Necky Looksha Sport at a benefit auction. I thought it might not fit, but there’s plenty of leg and knee room. I had to window the seat sides to fit my wide hip sockets, but you’re probably not as deformed as me.

Just try a bunch of quality boats. Even for whitewater boats, fit is no longer such a problem today.

A Tempest 180 is a good place to
start looking.

Move the foot braces brackets
Foot braces brackets can easily be moved and re-installed


I’ve done a few sets, Yakima, Sealine,
Keepers, etc., and I wouldn’t want to exaggerate the ease. Better to buy a kayak that is already comfortable in the store, and there are a number of such.

thanks for the info !!!
Thanks for the info !!!

For touring and fishing , look at the WS

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Tarpon family.At least a 140.
I am your height and have to remove the foot braces and put my feet on the end of the cockpit.

Your inseam and foot size is usually the problem. If you want a sit inside boat your foot size down at the pedals maybe a problem in a low volume boat. Your knee bend can also be limited. If you are a 32 or 34 with a size twelve you need to be sure you paddle the boat first. But if you want to fish get a sit on top and enjoy your day.

Ryan L.

In a hurry?
If not, see if you can hook-up with the CPAKayaker pirates in your area. They’ll let you see/try their boats and may even help you find a used one.

Are you paddling rapids/fast moving rivers or basically flat water? That may make a difference in your choice of kayaks. Also, what do you want to do with it? Paddle fast? Paddle leisurely? Learn advanced kayaking techniques? “Exercise” means different things to different folks -:wink:

I am 6’4" with 36" inseam and size 15 feet at 180-190lb. When I first started kayaking, I thought I don’t fit in almost any kayak I tried. Interestingly enough, (not due to weight loss, but to getting used to kayaking) I’ve been squeezing into progressively smaller kayaks and feel comfortable in them for long periods of time - one particular kayak I thought was snug when I got started now appears roomy to me -:wink:

Time will tell,
I agree with Kocho 100%. I am his size. I have a few boats that fit the bill now. What do you want from the boat. The QCC 500, Fathom, Tempest 180, Aquanaut HV, and Solstice GT are a few of the touring boats you should fit in. Get one used because it probably will not be your last boat.

Kocho I bought a jig saw so I can cut some holes in your deck to provide some relief for your flappers…:wink:

thanks again, great info !!!
I’m looking , # 1. for exercise, so I guess I’d have to be paddling fast to get a workout # 2. the FUN factor and #3. maybe to fish out of. With all the advice I’ve got , I have a lot of research to do. Thanks again

I tried the saw about my bottom cutting off holes (off the seat, not my bottom) but that did not work too well. I end-up paddling barefoot or with neo socks year-round in the sea kayaks. Have some thin padding on the floor and on the toe pedals and th,at does the trick for comfort. The WW kayak seems to have enough room for low profile water shoes and since I tend to portage that boat a bit from time to time, it is good to have shoes on…

I forgot to mention Chesapeake Paddlers Assoc. is having a SK101 and SK102 events. SK101 is a dry land seminar about kayaking. You can get a lot of information there. SK102 is on the water training for 2 days. You can ask people about boats and demo them. Hurry and sign up for SK101 and get preference for SK102. The events are inexpensive and informative. CPA membership is only $10 per year.