technical canoe Question

But the yellow breadcrumbs are easier to
follow than Old Town green. There are already too many of those. Besides, moose love yellow.


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You didn't say what you weigh which is needed info, but notwithstanding that....

I'd look for a white bottomed composite. The bottom will hide scratches and the composite will carry easily enough you can forgo the cart. That cart will mark you as a Nancy and embarrass your ten year old.

ABS blankets are soft and thick. They cannot be bent into workably sharp entryies and they oil can - flex under paddle power - which increases drag and compromises control. In short, ABS hulls never paddle as effortlessly as good composite hulls and they weigh lots more. This is a bad combination; we call the sport paddling, and we often need to tote our boats.

A ten year old in the bow calls for significant tumblehome to narrow the bow paddling station.
Look at Hemlocks' Eagle, 16.5'X35" or Swifts' new Keewaydin, 17'X35" if you need a little more volume. The solid core Hemlock comes in at 50#, the foam cored Swift can be had infused at 42lbs; [it is not clear that that weight includes integral rails, which may drop the weight another 5 lbs]. Another hulls to look at if it can be Special Ordered in scratch hiding white or beige would be Bell's NorthStar in B/G, ~46lbs.

Good luck looking, some may be available used, even listed on PNet's classifieds!

could be his mom
Hey CEWilson,

Acre could be his mother, in which case she wouldn’t be a “nancy boy”, she’d be a really cool mom.

Probably not.

of carts and canoes
what’s the deal with all these people and carts and canoes? this is also some strange BC thing, i don’t get it. canoes are meant, by evolution and design, to be carried over one’s head. period. a guy once said to me while i was carrying down to the water, why don’t you use a cart, and i said, but canoes come with yokes, you know, to carry. and it weights only 50 pounds…

Sorry couldnt resist.

I am being sapped living in Maine under white pines!

Pick yellow if you want to be found.

Maine is living history
in its heyday 100 years ago, do you really think Thoreau or his guides carried a canoe if they didnt have to?

Heck Thoreau mostly sat in the middle taking notes and making observations.

There was a steamer up the length of Moosehead and a hotel at NE Carry and then the wagon service. The hosses pulled the wagon with the canoes.

Some people “medic” kayaks. Some
people fix composite boats. My rate of damage has never exceeded my ability to finish a trip, or my ability to fix the boat.

One problem with “Kevlar” boat choice is that many “Kevlar” boats are made to be stiff and light, but not to withstand whitewater use. It isn’t that composite boats CAN’T be strong enough for wilderness use on rocky rivers, it’s that builders mostly don’t have that goal in mind.


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FWIW in "The Maine Woods", page 187 or so depending on the volume/edition, Thoreau describes at great length how his guide went to get some cedar and bark to craft a tump line to carry his canoe across Northeast Carry to the Penobscot. They did a two tripper carry on their trip to the "Allegesh and East Branch".

No wheelies although a horse drawn railway was available at the carry ;)