Tell Me about my paddle

I bought a dagger rpm today for one heck of a deal. The guy selling it to me threw in the skirt, paddle, and yak towers for a Yakima rack. Now, the paddle is one I am not familiar with. It appears to be all aluminum and has Synergy with a large cursive S logo and schlegel tech III

on the blade. Google produced no info in my searches. Can anyone tell me about my new paddle?


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They used to make boats and paddles. Schlegel was their brands of paddles. They made some famous WW boats. The best known was probably the Topo Duo, a WW tandem.

Edit: apparently they are still in business:

I got a Big Spoons 150 in the same way. Couldn’t find anything about the company in a internet search. Anybody know about Big Spoons paddles?

Out of Business
Big Spoons was a little company in Oregon that was struggling in the early 2000s. Their paddles have a good reputation.