Tempest 170 or Chatham 17

good on ya
demo, demo, demo…this is the only way to know.

I rented a $18,000 motorcycle for 4 days to see if it worked right and spoke to me. 850 miles later I knew.

good luck!


that puts you into T180 territory, if you’re talking plastic the LookshaV is a possibility.

the Sirocco is closer
to your specs

Derrick Hutchinson, the designer, is one big boy

even though it feels “slippery”/tippy at first, it’s practically impossible to capsize and you’ll get used to the slippery feel and will calm it down quick

slipperiness/tippiness = a function of the rounded (vs. flat) bottom + harder chine of the boat

Take a look at the P & H Capella range. Very nice.

he can’t be over 5’6"

Thanks for the advice
and opinions. I went for the Tempest 170, I really liked the way the boat handeled. For my skill level and the low price it would of been hard to justify the Chatham (but liked it too)

Tried the push test on the hatches and all of them stayed on

The dealer also had a new T 165 and wanted the same price for it, bought it for my wife! Now I can play with a 170 and 165

Thanks again for the help


did I say TALL?!
The Sirocco is one big-cockpitted boat, and DH still needs a can of WD40 and the Jaws of Life to get in and out

happy paddling!