Tempest Plastic/Comp. (flatpick?)

I paddled a 165T in plastic over the weekend and really liked it. It fit me great and peformed real well in 3+ ft waves and 10-15 knot winds on Lake Superior.

If I had taken a 165T composite out instead, would it have handled and performed the same?


in a nutshell- YES
the boats are quite similar, in fact in test results with 2 T-165’s (roto-comp) we found it difficult to tell the diff.

the composite boat does hold it’s shape better tho the configuration of bulkheads, seat and design keeps the roto boats from deforming much, if any. the composite boat will be a touch larger in storage capabilities as the bulkheads are a bit thicker.


That’s what I thought. I currently have QCC700 kevlar/sglass. This time around I think I’ll go poly, save some bucks, buy another ONNO and some other new gear. Thnaks for the reply!