The CO2 link to ocean acidification and 19 'mass extinctions' with CO2 levels we're now heading toward

I suspect then that all the tidal gauges and their data must be wrong. I guess the media has tampered with them. We must rely on photos taken at a distance then. Right…
Don’t confuse Science with the media.

Yes, a 5-foot rise would be easy to see. I guess I wasn’t clear but, I believe I posted a 1.3 foot rise in mean high tide at Lady Liberty over the last 100 years. Five feet was mentioned as the tidal range and that is easy to see. Tides are very variable, So the mean is used for comparison.

Sea levels are locally dependent and a complex topic. In this tidal gauge graphic most of the US coasts are experiencing a steady sea level rise. Thie amount is location dependent. The exceptions are Alaska and the Canadian pacific coast where they are falling.

Sea Level Trends - NOAA Tides & Currents

It is a mistake to think that the ocean is a level surface like a glass of water. take the Gulf Stream, it causes a depression in water level along Florida’s Atlantic coast.

Flooding Hot Spots: Why Seas Are Rising Faster on the U.S. East Coast - Yale E360


I thought you were done with this Flotsam.

Look in your mirror re: all the accusations you make, often in all caps, boldface, etc etc mode. Then consider who is using only emotion when posting.

Throwing down two isolated, out-of-context photos as a soundbites version of a rebuttal is merely trading tit for tat.

There are tide tables for coastal locations all over the world, 24/7. Have fun studying all of them as far back as records exist. For the USA, official records go back to the mid-1800s.

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Steve, I see what you did. The picture was too distant so you figured out how to enlarge the picture. Then you noticed the height of the people and compared that to the dark line between the top of the wall and the water level. I think the Greeks or some early people figured out how to calculate that. They actually taught us how to do that and other techniques when I got invited to attend my Uncle Sam’s Basic Military Training Course. I also remembered seeing that in my son’s Boy Scout book, then I read a couple books on navigation and judging distances. Clever stuff, and you still remember. Clever fellow. You probably get frustrated thinking that the average person knows that stuff, but everyone doesn’t have your problem solving skills. I must admit that seeing it in a picture makes it easier for me to understand than reading about it. So here’s the picture all blowed up.

@bud16415 the way I understood the relationship with China and India, the argument for giving them 2 billion dollars was to allow them to catch up on the industrialization front before requiring them to go green. Not sure if that makes sense or if I got it right, but that’s what I heard. Dont take my word for it because I still think the world is flat, otherwise the water would all rush around the curved part and end up at the south pole. Otherwise I think you got it right.

So, there isn’t a money reason to deny the science. Have you diligently followed that aspect too?

Sure, research requires money. I require money. You require money. That isn’t news. Scientist don’t come close to making the money of cooperate CEOs or Wall Street. One group has money driving their decisions, the other has discovery of natural laws and processes using a method to eliminate human bias in the outcome of their experiments and measurements. I know which one I have the most trust in what they say on this topic.

Then if you believe in capitalism, I have to ask what is wrong with developing new cleaner industries to improve what is happening? What is wrong with the jobs that follow from doing so? In fact, the technology for cleaner is at a price point to beat the cost of coal already and on par with burning oil. In fact, Texas a big producer of oil also produces the most renewable energy of any state. Makes you wonder if clean energy is so bad why they would be installing it.

I guess that is a bad thing in some folk’s view. Sort of like replacing whale oil and kerosine burning lamps with electricity. Those producers also didn’t want the change.

CO2 is a greenhouse gas as are CH4 and N2O. That is basic science. If you don’t understand that some molecules in the atmosphere can cause heat to be retained like the glass of a greenhouse. Then I am wasting my time talking about the actual measurements of them showing the rapid change caused by humanity pumping them at an ever-increasing rate into the atmosphere.

If you are really interested on what is being measured and how it is changing the world climate then read what I have posted. Here are two links to actual data.

Greenhouse gases continued to increase rapidly in 2022 | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (

Climate Change: Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide | NOAA


@PaddleLite has anyone checked to see if that little girl in the beginning of the movie got her high school diploma yet. She should’ve got at least an honorary degree from some college by now. That way she could donate some of her green profits to advanced studies and have an actual degree so she wouldn’t have to cry as much. I think she doesn’t need a high school diploma, now that she has all that money from touring. I wonder how much she gets paid and by whom. Did she buy a private jet yet like the other advocates of green policies? Just curious. You probably have similar questions.

I saw a video where this guy said there were times in the past when CO2 levels were high and earth temperatures were low, times when CO2 levels were low and temperatures were high, times when CO2 levels were high and earth temperature were high and times when CO2 levels were low and earth temperatures were low. He got his information from a wall in a museum down in Washington, DC. I think it was the Smithsonian Museam of Natural History or something like that. He said, if you want to see it, walk in the front door and when you get to an elephant, turn right and you’ll see the timeline on the wall. If anybody visits and sees that, it might answer some questions if that picture is there and it gets posted on this link. Then we could talk about it.

Your continuous trashing of “that little girl” does not strengthen your opinions.


@castoff has anyone figure out what we can do at night, when there is no sun to generate energy, and the wind isn’t blowing to generate energy. I’m not a doubter that the earth is getting warmer and humans are driving up some of that, but are you willing to go without power overnight. California is using surplus energy from mid-western fossil fuel plants under those situations, and they run into energy supply issues when there is no surplus. I’m not tryi g to change anyone’s mind, I’m just looking for answers so some zealot doesn’t cause my icecream to melt.

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Not trying to strengthen my opinion. Still looking for an answer. By the way, she is accusing me of tryingbto kill her and ruin her future. That offends me, and frankly, I don’t believe she has a clue or tge intellectual capacity to know reality. I think she’s a traumatized little kid who suffered under abusive parents and the movement has made her a sympathetic poster child to influence the public emotionally, to augment the accusation of ignorant non believers who don’t accept real science. I don’t have any opinion on whetjer you choose to believe her. What is the word someone suggested. Ahh! Schill. I think she’s a schill. You don’t have to believe it. But I do. That doesn’t change the facts about global warming though does it. She’s just a schill. I feel sorry for her. She should be calmed down, not amped up. It’s irrelevant what she thinks. She’s just regurgitating what someone tells her snd banking the cash. Im certain of that, but that doesn’t mean you have to believe it. What we believe isn’t going to change anything. The politics will. So far she’s earning her gratuities.

I think they have learned how to store energy a long time ago it is called a battery. Sand can be used to store energy as heat which can then be used to produce energy when the sun doesn’t shine, or the wind doesn’t blow. Wave and tidal action can also be used to produce energy. On the fusion front AI has figured out how to stabilize the plasma in a fusion reaction which is a big step forward on that front. Battery technology is rapidly advancing as I post this. A solid magnesium battery that has a high-density energy storage and maintains its storage over many cycles is being developed which has the potential to replace lithium. It is safer and much more abundat. I suspect there would be a transition stage where nuclear power and fossil fuels with carbon capture would be still online. What do you think?


I have tried to post the science and leave it at that. I am not interested in the politics which ignores the science. I am aware of how change does disrupt intrenched ways of doing things and their impacts. That is also where the science and politics should be focused on working together.

Change is often a two-edge sword. Take the history of the industrial revolution for an example. It initially increased wealth for the few and eventually for those who lived in the industrial societies. It also has a long history of increasing pollution in the pursuit of wealth. It has increased the standard of living for the industrial nations at the same time it has also had negative impacts on people and the environment. It wasn’t until the 1950’s that the realization of the atmospheric CO2 was one of those negative long-term impacts.


Politics represents the reality of implementation. When do you think those batteries will be available. What happens to people who can’t affort a battery operated car. Let them eat cake. Has anyone thoght of the wesr and tear on the roads with the increased weight of a battery car. I drove a 2,900 lb car in 1970 through 1984. My current car weighs 4,200 lbs. How much is a battery car. I’m not smart enough to figure out all the ramifications, but intelligent enough to know everybody is puttongbthe cart before the horse. We can always buy a spare car and hook it up to the house when the grid can’t supply enough energy to keep the icecream from melting. Im glad you trust your elected leaders to guide us through this dilemma. It’s not about politics to me. I think the ruling class is working to create a serfdom. If you don’t, we’ll never cone to agreement, which is why this conversation becomes so hateful. Its a matter of lack of trust in the solution, not the problem. The non-doubters lable us non-believers as ignorant rubes who doubt believe science. I do get it. You just aren’t listening or agreeing with fears. I don’t trust the snot nosed girl or that schill Al Gore. I see Nukem Newson as a self absorbed want-a-be dictator and I see people fleeing California and New York in droves. Its Easter. I’m enjoying time with my family and have diminished myself in your mind enough to know I lost the discussion.

Capitalism doesn’t care if someone wants to build electric cars and sell them or develop newer and better batteries. That’s exactly what Elon Musk has been doing along with a whole lot of other endeavors. The folks running Ford and GM nor should the Government care what products he builds as long as he is complying with all laws and regulations.

We are a country of laws and regulations that has long embraced capitalism and free markets. Laws and regulations have to be the same for everyone. We the people elect people to represent us in making and upholding the laws and regulations and we normally have elected people that would be fair to both the capitalists and the citizens equally. The system has worked well and produced the betterment of mankind for the last couple hundred years. Money is nothing more than the fluid that gets pushed along the closed loop of the machine that keeps it running.

The idea today is that laws and regulations are not there as a means of checks and balance for everyone, but rather they are there as a tool to pick winners and losers, and that is none of governments business.

As to the above video. It is telling the truth IMO and telling the story thru the words of some pretty great scientists with some pretty great accomplishments. Most of them fortunately were at the ends of their work lives and now can speak freely their thoughts. The 10 or so speaking out in the video are only a small number of who are out there all telling a similar story that is not being reported hardly at all. The part of the video that hit home with me was the African farmer asking why he and his country shouldn’t be allowed to emerge from poverty and famine the same way the western world did with fossil fuels.

I really don’t think people fought to keep whale oil over kerosene for lamps or objected to electric lamps. We had a big light bulb plant just over the state line in Ohio. Ran for close to 100 years. When the CFLs came out and then the LEDs there is no reason the same company that went on to make and sell them couldn’t have retooled in that same community employing the same people. But they went to China. Why do you think a good American company would do that? It is the same with almost every other bread and butter industry in this country that used to be here and now they are gone. Could it have anything to do with costs of laws and regulations along with maybe some deeper more sinister reasons. The folks in Ohio and here in Pa didn’t complain when their old filament bulbs were replaced by more efficient bulbs. Sure the people that lost their jobs to someone in China were up in arms about the change just as I’m sure the guy harpooning whales wasn’t happy about kerosene.

True men of science would be seeking out guys like William Happer and the other highly regarded professors of science shown in the movie and pointing out to them where they are 180 degrees wrong in their thinking. I don’t see many doing that and the part that is a little scary is in today’s world when it seems every thing you can think of is sensationalized on TV 24-7 no one seem to cover these scientists speaking out so vocally, but on the other hand a little girl with no credentials in science can be found talking to the United Nations. Just seems odd to me.


Don’t worry about a week ago, we had an Olympic Skier testifying before Congress about the impacts of Climate Change on outdoor recreation, and advocating for “green” policies while having little understanding of the science or the policies he was advocating for.


Many don’t.

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I happened to see that part when Senator Kennedy was asking him questions. Seemed like a nice enough kid and as an X-country skier his time frame about climate change is about the last 5 years. He likely had a warm winter where he had trouble training. Combine that with watching network news and he’s a climate expert.


The poor kid thought he was fighting the good fight, but he had no idea what the fight was. The politician who brought him in set him up for failure or was so incompetent to not see what a failure he would be.

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That’s ironic