Thermoformed vs. FG

testify for Hurricane
Two thirds (easily) of the instructional fleet at Quiet World paddling school in Jackson MI are by Hurricane Aqua Sports: Santee,TampicoS,TampicoL, & Tracer). They survived a season of newbies nicely.

Next year will be their fourth year using Hurricanes.

Three of the five instructors there personally own Hurricanes and take them from Great Lakes to rock gardens (e.g. the Huron River). That should tell you something.

Just got one myself so it’s too soon to tell. But a couple minor elongated scrapes just buffed out nicely w. dish soap & a soft scrunge pad.

might be too tight,depends

NightHawk should be good fit
I am 5’10" and 180# and the NightHawk cockpit is if anything a litle large for me. As a point of reference, I find the Anas Acuata to be a nice fit too so I guess I like them on the snug side. So I think it should be fine for you and the cockpit has a nice long keyhole on the NightHawk so long legs are not a problem.

takes a lickin’
I have a thermoformed Prion Invader. Old school WW boat. It has been smashing into rocks for 15 years or so, and will probably be good for another 15.

Bow molded or thermoformed
might be a difference, but I’ve neither owned either.

Thermoformed Kayaks
My wife and I each own Eddyline Nighthawk 16’s and love them–the material is sturdy, light, and glossy like fiberglass–but less expensive. I also have a Phoenix also made of Carbonlite 2000, the Eddyline proprietory type of thermoplastic. I have heard some thermoformed kayaks by other manufacturers have problems with the deck separating from the hull

bow milded = blow molded

If you would, drop me an email. I would like to ask you about your experience with the Nighthawk and Merlin.