Thinking about a Tempest 170

I have one for sale
I bought a demo poly 170 a few years ago, took it camping in the ADK area of NY and it held a ton of gear. I’m 6 feet app 205lbs with a size 13 foot. I moved the seat up app 1-2 in a few years ago for better handling. I’m going to put it up for sale this spring, if your in the NYC area let me know if you want to try it out if your interested. Only reason is because I have a pinched nerve in my arm (tennis elbow) and the boat is to heavy for me to keep picking up. Because of that I purchased a Placid boat and it weighs app 27lbs which I use basically in the rivers upstate. Let me know, send me your e mail if you want to see pictures.

If you fit, go for it
I’ve used T-170s for teaching first-timers how to paddle, and haven’t found that the students have any harder time keeping it upright than boats that are shorter and wider. If you already have some experience in a boat, then it probably won’t feel particularly unstable, and the secondary stability is excellent.

So if the boat feels like a good fit, no reason not to get one. But try it for size first, definitely

Fit and comfort

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The Tempest series are all very good all round boats. The one that you find most comfortable is the one for you.

You will find your preferred fit will evolve. I went from loose to tight back to loose. I have 3 points of contact available when needed, but like to be able to move in my cockpit.

I'm 6', 175-180 and have paddled both a 165 and 170. The 170 is perfectly fine though I like the feel of the 165 better than the 170 as it is livelier.

There are a lot of very good boats out there. The Tempest series is the most broadly available that are supportive of growing an array skills and are wholly capable boats. In recent years for those looking for their first 'serious' kayak I've recommended a Tempest more often than any other model. I don't own a Tempest nor do I sell boats. IMHO everyone who wants to have fun in a sea kayak should have a Romany at some point in their paddling lives ;-)