Thoughts on paddling a black hulled boat

One other thought . . .
I’ve read on forums, somewhere over the years, that having a black boat, black gear, etc., could get you mistaken for a seal by a great white shark. Of course it depends on where you paddle, but I don’t think I’d want to paddle something that could be mistaken for prey. Of course, this would not apply to Tennessee lakes and rivers . . .

Yes the deck gets hot
I have a Necky Looksha 17 in Carbon that is all black. It shows every scratch and does get warm in the sun. I live in NY so hot here is different than Florida in the summer hot. This kayak does feed my OCD behavior of cleaning after each use as when it is freshly cleaned and waxed it is a stunner. Not too many carbon kayaks around here so it gets lots of attention. This can be good or bad.

I paddled with alligators
and at this time (not mating season) there was no problem of them mistaking me for an enemy.

I had one problem in March in mating season and one charged my green boat. Whether color or shape or movement had an influence I do not know.

I refuse to be scared of everything and so much of advertising and Internet advice is based on fear.

You can wet sand any color to reduce
glare. Isn’t glare independent of color, but related to glossy or matte finish?

For your sunglasses, the amount of
annoying brightness is related to both the surface reflectivity and the color. Whether for a shiny or a matte surface, white is going to put more light through your Foster Grants than black.

Danger of Black Hulled Boats
I’ve paddles carbon hulls for some twenty years now. The use of same has caused me to age and weaken. I used to be able to Bench Press 230 lbs; set of 15, now down to 190 lbs. Used to be 5"10" tall, now down to 5’8.5". Used to do 20-21 pull ups, now down to 15. Hair has gone from light redish-brown to silver, possible for contrast against the carbon.

Worst, I’ve gotten dumber, although there may be multiplier effect with removal of wisdom teeth. U of I asked me to return all three degrees. Woman I’m living with claims I am stupid. I’m beginning to agree.

Summary, carbon hulls cause terrible wasting away of all positive attributes. Do not use them!

So, all the “intelligence” gathered by
the XR-71 Blackbird just made our government stupid?

T think
The Gov had cognitive issues way before the Wright Bros. much less the BlackBird.

Glare and brigtness are two different,
but related visual phenomena. Either can be annoying and visually disabling. Glare is independent of color or brightness, at leas as I understand it.

LOL but
dumb would involve Grumman at your age (and mine). My Grumman is happy with a friend of mine and seeking to be reborn as a bathtub(actually it always was)…

If you think black carbon hulls are hot…have I got a story for you.

I used to be on a committee that ran a number of sea kayak trips in Maine. The most popular (and the most work for us) was the lobster bake trip where we schlepped the food and cooking utensils for forty mostly new kayakers. They were responsible for getting their own tents and clothes and sleeping bags out there. It was only a mile paddle from the mainland launch. Yet we always had to have committee assistance packing when people showed up with Coleman sleeping bags and Valley size hatches. Some late arrivals after dark required an escort.

Well one year it seemed all that work took a toll on us. We went to get some five dozen lobsters at the pound…paddled them all happily to the island and figured they would be happy in a Grumman if we threw seawater and rockweed in.

It was a very hot day…Some four hours later one young lady from NYC asked…“are the lobsters alive?” (they were pretty lethargic looking and rather red). We said that they were napping and had gotten sunburned… Young lady seemed happy with the response.

And prayed to God that no one got sick…these puppies were solar cooked in the Grumman

PS seems to me CEW that you have the marriage dynamic down just fine…as far as the dumb thing goes.

much ado
Much ado about nothing. Whatever color it is you’ll get used to.

It started for me with carbon paddles.
I just got my first carbon boat, so I can’t blame it on that.