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Looking at a new rack system for a new vehicle. New vehicle is a pickup. I like the Thule Xsporter bed mounted rack. I’ve read the reviews on Pnet and looked all over their site. Sent an email with questions but thought I’d throw out the same here.

Does Thule make “gunnal brackets” for the aero-bars that are provided with the Xsporter rack. The only ones I could find were for thule square bars only.

Thanks in advance.


Aero bars
I called Thule and Yakima three years ago trying to find gunwale brackest for aero bars, and neither made them at that time. I ended up going to the square bars.

I have a set
for Thule Aero bars I got last year in SC. So they did make and sell at one time. My aero bars were purchsed overseas and have found limited items that have the inverted “T” to mate with slot on top of bar. I will check the product number for you tonight.

load stops
Thule makes a load stop for their aero bars but it is not compatable with factory racks as that is what I presume larryn was searching for. The Exporter includes a set of these load stops.

A link to Thule’s new professional line of racks. You can see the load stops clearly.

yes, Load Stops
are what I have and referred to below.

Follow up
I contacted as a dealer for thule product. Very punctual response. They say the 579xt cane carrier works with the aero-bar. The website info on that unit states “square bars only”. I have asked for clarification. Will post their reply.


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Saris racks have the inverted T mounting system. You might want to look at this to see if they'll fit.

Good luck!

You are exactly right and I shoulld have been clearer. I was looking for something to attach to a factory aero bar.

This might work
try this: