Thumbs Up Tilley!

Mine makes a great summer rain hat.

lol and he is modeling it now
over at Too clean for me!

last ball cap I bought
was three weeks ago and it was $22.00–where do you get free ones?

bought my first tilley
In 1990—and just wore it this weekend on a 3 day paddling trip to Assagteague

—the only thing wrong with it are that one of the hat retention straps (no they are not chin straps, the go behind the head, not under the chin–only the models in the ads where them that way)broke–so I tied the two peices togather (some years ago) and its worked right ever since—

I was at a bar tonight
over in Hanover - at Dartmouth College. One of the students had a white Tilley on just like that. And brand new LLBean boots that lace up to just below the knee. :


I ain’t got no Tilley!

I don’t need no stinkin’ Tilley!

A very loose paraphrase of some Treasure of the Sierra Madre dialogue.



I have never bought one yet
When I was in the work force, just about every vendor going was giving them out. They ended up getting free advertisement, and I didn’t much care, since I ended up with a nice sun visor

I just won another in a drawing on Saturday after a race.

Jack L

A very loose interpretation indeed.
Ever since Mel Brooks’ parody of that moment from Treasure of the Sierra Madre in Blazing Saddles, everyone attributes “We don’t need no stinking badges” to both movies, but it’s only from Blazing Saddles. In Treasure of the Sierra Madre, the bandits said “We don’t need no badges.”

People actually wash their Tilley?

The horror…

(another movie quote)

Then came the “stinking” part:

Can a Tilley rightly be classified as a sombrero?

my poly ballcap sinks like a stone

bah, no one pays any attention to forum

…and you put that on your head?
…I can think of a few proverbs in response but I’ll do what’s best and keep my mouth shut. Which might be a good idea for you if you’re still wearing that thing…

Specific dialogue…

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Word for word from the movie..........

Bandit chief:
We are Federales; you know, mountain police.

Fred C. Dobbs:
If you're the police; where are your badges?

Bandit chief:
Badges? We ain't got no badges!
We don't need no badges!
I don't have to show you any stinkin' badges!


Right you are.
Thanks for that clip. I’d forgotten that this “original” don’t-need-no-badges routine had a few lines in succession, rather than just the one.

(another movie quote…

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...from a character usually dispensing with other folks need for a Tilley!...........Or Boonie........Or helmet.)

"The mannnnnnnnnnn's...the mannnnnnnn's...the man is a genius, man!"

Robespierre raged on,
he rained down Tilleys with his terror,
he thought he wore a kingly crown,
but that too was fashion error.

God rest
his easy riding soul.

Was not my hat, nor was it my elephant.
Tilley used to run an ad about a guy in Africa whose elephant kept grabbing and gobbling his hat. The guy would wash it out and keep using it.

There are other hats on the market that will serve as well, but except for the price, a Tilley is a good bet.