Tideline 19

Does anyone own or has anyone test paddled a Tideline 19? If so,what are your thoughts? Thanks.

check out…

seen the one review but was curious
Thanks. I had already taken a look at the one review that’s posted here on pnet. Was curious if anyone else had paddled one. Thanks.

This probably…
won’t help you, but a local couple here has both a Tideline 19 and a 15. They consistantly rave about them, have been very happy with both performance and quality.

I would highly recommend your contacting Patrick who builds these boats. I have minimal, though incredibly positive experiences with him. I traveled to San Diego (I believe he is located in Pacific Beach near San Diego)last year, and he offered to lend me one of T19 boats to use for the afternoon as I had expressed interest. I still hope to check out one of his boats some day.

Give him a call…I would bet he could offer you the names of a number of folks who paddle his boats.

Let us know how it goes…enjoy…


does help
Do they read this message board?

Funny thing is. I hear from these folks
all the time on how happy they are with the boats… paddles too. These boats are not ‘all over the place’ so not alot of reviews.