Tiderace quality issues ???

…I am getting ready to spring for an Xplore S…new, classic layup, European (Kajaksport) manufactured. Any QC issues from current owners ???

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Hope you don’t have to pay in full when ordering. Someone I know was interested in ordering one a couple years ago but that’s the only way he could have gotten it, prepaid in full.

It (they already) exist…
…three of 'em…waiting for me to pull up to the curb.

Tiderace new vs .last year
It sounds as though you are interested in the boats made in Finland as opposed to the new boats made in Thailand. I do not own a Tiderace, but seriously considered one last fall. The quality of the euro boat to me seemed outstanding, however, the weight was more than I was willing deal with for that quality. I am going to consider the Thai boats once they arrive. Epoxy vacumn infused with far less weight is more interesting to me. If you are good with the weight, have at it. I don’t think I have ever seen a boat that appeared to be as well made.


Probably not infused
They are built by Cobra Int in Thailand, which has been making Necky for some time. Superb quality! Their typical lay up is by hand with Epoxy and post cured. If infused they typically use Vinylester. They are so good with hand lay-ups that the added cost to infuse with minimal weight savings means most are hand laid. This is my guess having been part of the Necky project there.

My Necky Looksha 17 in Carbon composite was made in that factory in Thailand and the lay up is impeccable. I would definitely recommend a kayak made at Cobra.

I own a Tiderace
made in Finland. It is a well built solid boat. On the heavy side but worth the extra work. Excellent quality, the best built kayak I have ever owned.

Carbon models are infused
If you have the Carbon with the glear surface coat it is infused. Only way to avoid micro bubbles, which are not an issue, but, for visual purposes the Carbon models need to be infused, which adds to the cost. Yes Cobra is outstanding.

So they are carbon vinylester?

Not sure what you mean…
My Looksha is mostly black with some sections on the deck that have exposed carbon fiber. It looks different than the current carbon models they have on their website that look to have at least the entire deck in exposed carbon. I’m new to composite boats so maybe I’m just misunderstanding what you stated.

Likely yes
Infused lay-ups “were” Vinylester, whereas hand lay-ups were epoxy. Infusable epoxy is mass expensive. That’s all I can really comment on. What I will end with is this: I’d be proud to own a boat built by Cobra Int. They do it right.

For clarification
All new Tiderace boats are built using Epoxy layups.

The ‘Classic’ and ‘Hardcore’ construction levels are hand laid, and the lighter ‘Hardcore Pro’ is infused using Epoxy.

Your deck
has black gel-coat in areas for effect. It not only makes for a sexy finish, but it hides micro air bubbles that can form in complex areas like the compass recesses, hatch areas etc. It saves a lot of post work while looking great. At that time Vinylester was used by Necky for infused parts, Epoxy for all others. Now may be different, and I suspect the newer all clear / carbon parts are just a result of Cobra getting even better with their processes. All the masking to do your deck took a lot of time! Whether it a Necky or Tiderace product you can rest assured it’s a world class, super tough construction. It’s a very impressive operation. Cobra is a Thai company with a lot of German management. Their CEO is half Thai and half German, and the result is a well run operation with excellent quality and pride in manufacturing. Total opposite of some of the China stuff I’ve seen!

Thanks for saying that about hiding the
potential air and voids( my word here : ) … This is real word info everyone !

Salty, is is possible to do epoxy on the surface ( glass or carbon against the mold ) and avoid micro stuff. I do it everyday. … But it takes time and beyond the skill of most builders.

Have not been to Cobra in while … But the last time I was there the top plug finishing team was two women ! Thought that was cool.

Sure, but
some of the complex shapes on a deck can make things tough. With RTM processes you can de-gass the resin before injection as well. My guess is, as I said previously that these guys have advanced a ton since I was there. I’d guess their infusion process is pretty dialed. But I gotta say their hand lay-ups are just amazing, and probably what I’d order, as I know what abuse they will take! Not sure the added expense of infusion is worth it. But, haven’t been in that (Cobra) game for awhile, so probably some things I don’t know about current strategy, etc. If I manufactured boats I’d do so in the USA at a higher cost and lower sales. If I had to outsource abroad I’d do so with Cobra Int! I think if it were not for them Necky wouldn’t be in the composite kayak business today. My opinion of course…

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