tie-down hooks

Hey, what can I say !!
I guess I can only add: it keeps the guys, with the tie downs that don’t have faith from tailgaiting me.



By all means:
if I was getting side to side movement, or any movement I would be using them.

Take a look at my first sentence: I use them when I have the long overhanging light weight Comp Cruiser on just to keep the bowe from sideways movement.

I can add also that I have a home made cantilevered (out front) set of bars for the front of a 23 foot long boat that I carry, and even with that I use the front tie downs to keep the bow from moving sideways.



Rope, rope an’ rope

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fer stem end tiedowns. Foolproof an' nuttin' ta break yer winder like flailin' buckles, hooks, carabiners or a racket assembly if yer do screw up wit de tiedowns.

Try dis here ol' trick...





P.S. Thaar be no such thing as a "foolproof" rack system. Hence bow an' stern tiedowns as backup.


Sure Thing

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I'll post one later today when I get home.

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Edit above post to add a link to some pics; also adding here so it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle. Sorry for the duplication.


I second or third , or whatever ,
the ropes on the front and also the rear of the boats . Call me chicken but I can not stomach seeing any movement of my boats while flying down the interstate in traffic. I stop as many times as necessary to adjust accordingly to eliminate any movement .


The first time I took mine on the Thruway it kind of freaked me out too. The big rigs blowing by at 80 cause a lot of turbulence. I pulled over at the first rest stop to tighten everything down.

I don’t sweat it so much anymore though.

RedRockStore Top Ties
I bought and use these simply little tie down tabs from


The work as claimed. Since I bolt down the grommet side, I know it is very strong (stronger than the grommet itself), and the nylon loop is as srong, or stronger, than most other clips (look what most higher-end dining tarps use for tie-out points). This nylon strap is much heavier and wider than those.

When not in use you can just flip them over so they’re hidden underneath your hood. Actually you definitely want to do that so they don’t get unnecessary UV exposure when not in use.

truckers hitch
Rope and truckers hitch helps my peace of mind…