Time to install a rudder

Hello everyone,

Well, I’m finally going to muss up my lovely wooden handmade kayak and install a rudder. Although, I think that I’ve become a better paddler without one - there are certainly high wind conditions that I’ve encountered during which a rudder would have come in handy. Installing a skeg, unfortunately, is not truly an option.

Any opinions on rudders and installation out there? The manufacturer of the boat that I made offers a Current Designs rudder but I’ve heard good things about Kajak Sports too.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, in advance.


Pygmy has…
Seal Line and Seaward kits…


KajakSport (Sliding) Rudder
looks pretty cool. The slide mechanism for employing/deploying seems better than the flip up version where you have to line up the rudder with the “V” slot to flip up and hold the thing in place. I also like the solid pedals and toe control which eliminates the “mushy” feel of the sliding pedal types.


PS. I never used it but the Kajaksport seems to address the nitpicking points folks have about rudder systems.