Topkayaker - you may want to avoid

I Recomend Them Very Highly
ALWAYS had great service, but then I used to contribute to his message board.

Its just 2 people and stuff happens

bought a few things never a problem

Oh lord
Bought many times over the years and never had a problem. I called the guy at his store once and he even walked me through a repair. What’s so hard about picking up the phone?

Another + for TK
Bought some rigging parts recently (May 2016) and had a positive experience with the order and the return of part of my order that I could not use.

Thanks! to posters, not OP
Now I know who to call when I need stuff for my Wilderness kayak!


I heartily recommend topkayaker
Knowledgeable and helpful. You might communicate your issues more effectively over the phone than e-mail.