Tough to replace your own Drysuit seals?

guide ?

Home Depot may sell HVAC tubing hose clamps fitting over 52’s pot use able as a cutting guide.

…a question ? in stretching and gluing, surfaces are glued in ‘stretch’ not the state where these gaskets are ‘used’…

Gluing in stretched or compressed states may have positive applications eg opening surface cracks for glue entry or negative effects as wrinkling the used surface from a stretch glue.

Any pot users notice a final negative effect from this recommended procedure ?

just got mine back from Kokatat
The bargain was water test and leak repair at $25.

Neck gasket was $39 plus $29.50 labor.

Wrist gaskets were $34.00 plus $35.50 labor.

With shipping both ways was over $200 out of pocket.

I expected to get a new suit due to what folks told me were examinations. Those spots didn’t even warrant a repair.

Dozens of leaks repaired in a two-year old suit.

Not thrilled, but I should stay dry this winter, which I the most important thing.

drier !

MB asks 100/hr and up…

For DIY, OS Systems offers more sizes
OS Systems ( offers multiple sizes and two thickness of seals. For a 17" neck, buy the largest size, which is what I’ve used on my suits.