Touring kayak for small person

Pictures? Hatches fiberglass or ABS in the rear? Rudder controls and pedals are? Old style Yakima sliding pedals suck. Hatch gaskets condition?

You can pad down the thigh braces too. It’s very thin minicell.

My own kayak is a 1995 Solstice GTHV and aside from faded yellow gelcoat, its in very good condition. I mention this just to emphasis that an old boat can be still be a very good boat. If a boat has been well looked after I don’t think age is a big issue.

I did paddle a GTS back in 1998. Aside from being a tight fit (it has a narrower seat base than my boat), it was a wonderful boat to paddle, very responsive. This is why we bought a GTS sight unseen for my wife, I was sure it would fit her well. It turns out it does and she loves it. Your fit to the boat will be different of course.

It would originally have come with sliding pedal rudder controls, which my GTHV has. I wouldn’t say they suck, too harsh, but the technology has moved on to fixed foot rests with ‘gas pedal’ rudder controls, which is better because your leg doesn’t move to control the rudder and this type of rudder control can be retrofitted. With my own boat, I find my fit to the boat is good so having sliding rudder controls isn’t an issue/bother. I also rarely need to deploy the rudder, the boat tracks well and normally can correct with stroke in adverse conditions. But would I like to have the newer rudder control design, sure.

A '97 will have the ABS rear hatch cover.

8 hours return is a long way to go to see/buy a boat but the price sure is attractive. To me, under $700 seems like a fair price. A new GTS is around $4000. As an FYI, a GTS was $2720 CAD new.

Good luck!

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I am almost the same size as OP and owned a roto Tempest 165 and a SKUK Pilgrim Expedition. Both worked very well for me, but neither one is lightweight. Expect to pad out the cockpit some; this is expected for us small people.

The Pilgrim line has morphed into the Echo.

Eddylines Sitka ST is a awesome touring kayak for a smaller paddler. I have the Fathom which is the old version. It’s very light, fast and pretty maneuverable.

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The Rebel Naja (Naja • Rebel) is a Greenland style boat specifically made for smaller paddlers. If your primary concern was finding a super lightweight fast ocean worthy kayak that would perform well this would be a great fit. That said, it wouldn’t really make a good tourer since it lacks amenities like day hatches and storage volume so you would be compromising there. Others in the thread have provided better options for your needs but I wanted to mention this one as an alternative in case overnights ended up being less important than you thought or you went ultralight with your camping :slight_smile: