Tow line that came with my Caribou

-- Last Updated: Aug-01-04 10:04 PM EST --

I feel stupid asking this question, but what the heck. In the bag of owner's info for my boat was what I assume to be a tow line. It's about 7.5 feet long, and has safety hooks at each end. The hook at one end is actually in a loop of a fairly high-friction slip knot.

Since it would appear some thought went into this design, it would have been nice if they'd discussed it in the manual, but they didn't. I'm interested in any clever ideas as to the best way to stow this thing on deck, in such a way that it might actually be of some possible use someday. Oh, and you'd get extra points if with your solution it doesn't present an untidy appearance.

Up till now I've been keeping it coiled up in the cockpit, behind the seat.


it’s just a painter used to tie up the boat to a dock, tree, whatever. The idea is to clip it to your bow toogle and coil it and store under your bungies. The reason it is in the bag is no one uses them. 7.5’ towline? I don’t think so.

35-60’ is more like it.


whats that thing
Towlines are 25 feet-40 feet long, are worn by the tower (not the boat usually) and have a quick release mechanism plus an elasticized portion to even out the differential acceleration and deceleration on waves.

Dont use your tether line for that though it might help in a contact tow. Its a nice reminder to always tie up…you wouldnt want to lose your 'Bou to the ocean gods.

Ok, thanks
If it’s not meant to be a tow line I’ll feel much better about keeping it coiled up behind the seat. Wasn’t coming up with any tidy-looking hookup on the deck anyway.