Tracking down Woodsman canoe details / weight limits

Hi Friends - Looking at buying a used Woodsman Canoe. 15’. I have the HIN, but can’t find any details online regarding weight limits, etc. The HIN is WEMSPAPZE606. I know what all of the items on the HIN mean, and I’ve contacted Confluence / Mad River Canoe to see if they can provide a manual but no response yet. Does anyone have this canoe and can tell me the weight limit rating?

This old thread has some pretty good information that might help.

Would this shed any light.

Thank you! I read the entire manual. I’m still not 100% sure which one it is, but does appear to be one of those two mentioned in the thread so that’s “close enough” to help me decide if I should buy. :wink: Where I live, new canoes are no where to be found - except the kind that feel like plastic water bottles. Happy to give love to a previously owned boat! Thanks again!

Thank you! I read this thread last night & that’s how I found out about HIN and the boat being part of Confluence. Some of the info was beyond me, but that part was super helpful. Thanks again.