Transitioning from kayak to canoe

they are both dry
but the Nomad is a tad more maneuverable. The Peregrine has a flatter keeline.

Your yak blade might work fine for you. I used a 230 in the Caribou ( old school I know) and its just fine for Peregrine and Nomad… The absolute is not important as you are taller but the message is try the double you have .

The only reason I got the Monarch is that in the Everglades I have to haul around 100 lbs of water for 14 days and needed more volume . I did not want to sink either Peregrine or Nomad too deep. Then they will be sluggish… But that was about 400 lbs payload. You won’t need all that room.

Another alternative
Have you looked at an Epic V-5?

sit on top exiting
Really bad form to exit a sit on top when it is too shallow. If you are already ashore then push back to knee deep water and turn sideways in the seat and stand up.

I’d hate to face a five foot wake from a lobster boat in an open canoe! I’d pick a sit on top, OC-1, or sea kayak for that.

You can paddle a sit on top all year. Wear the same thing as you wear in your sea kayak - a dry suit. Without dressing for the inevitable swim, you are at risk in any paddling boat in more than waist deep water.

Thank you kayamedic
All your advice is most helpful. Thank you. The more thought I have given this, the more my interest has grown in a solo canoe. Though I have spent years on my home river here as commercial and sport fisherman and former Hudson Riverkeeper, I still like to explore beaches, islands, backwaters, etc., and my kayak has not been my friend in many of my small adventures. Even less so now that my knees are less than friendly as well. The idea of a sleek, swift canoe has me excited about paddling again.

You’ve gotten lots of advice but I’ll add my $.02. I’ve owned a few canoes and kayaks over the years including a Kruger SeaWind.

Of the solo canoes I’ve owned, I really enjoyed my Bell Magic and Mad River Independence. I still have the MR Indy but am in the market for a new solo. I’m planning on the Swift Ospry but the Keewaydin 15 is pretty nice as well. If you are looking at the Hemlock canoes you might also want to look at Swift. I test paddled a few of their canoes last year and plan on buying a tandem for my wife and I this year and a solo for me next year. The exchange rate is quite favorable right now. I found the Keewaydin very easy to paddle, point it where you want to go and it goes, it also turns easily and was plenty fast. The Osprey was a little more touchy and I found myself leaning it over more then the Keewaydin to hold my course. I like the playfulness of the Osprey. And, the Swift canoes are very well made and light.

Swift is local to you
Their store in CT should have an Osprey and Kee. They run demo days several times a year

No need to go to Canada. Save the 14 percent HST that you cannot recoup

The prices at Swift US dealers ought to reflect the exchange rate

Pack AND single blade

– Last Updated: Jan-04-16 10:31 AM EST –

Last spring I bought a solo Swift Keewaydin 15 and was torn between the pack or standard model. The owner of the dealership (Collinsville Canoe & Kayak in CT) suggested I do both. I bought a Keewaydin with the sliding seat. The seat is removed and reinstalled easily. It's just a matter of two bolts.

I also bought a seat for their pack Keewaydin (special order, $280). The pack seat is held in place with industrial grade Velcro.

Now I can use the boat as a pack boat with the double blade, or quickly remove the pack seat and swap in the regular seat, if I feel like paddling the canoe traditionally. Which way I go depends on my mood and planned uses. It only takes about 5 minutes to change seats.

Keewaydin 15
That’s a great way to do it, being able to switch between Pack or Canoe! I’m not sure that US pricing on Swift canoes reflects the CDN - USD conversion. When I looked that the US price sheet it didn’t seem to… I also had not calculated the Canadian taxes correctly, I think it would be 13% in Ontario vs. the 11% I had planned on. Still, living in Michigan buying from the Gravenhurst store makes sense for me when I pick-up my canoe in the summer.

How do you like your Kewaydin 15, what type of paddling do you do?

Keewaydin 15
I got the Kee as sort of a do everything canoe. Camping, fishing and rec paddling river and lake trips with my kayaking friends.

It’s not the best for fishing, but does OK. I haven’t done a camping trip yet in it and I leave my kayaking friends in the dust when out with them in their rec kayaks. Nice boat all around.

Custom length
If you do use a double is what I figured out before I could use a single blade decent.240 would be the shortest length I would recomend.if you find you do need a longer kayak paddle.bending branches can do a longer custom length paddle for you.not exactly cheap but the pricing when I checked years ago.was not to bad either.