Trash can drifts from Myrtle Beach to Ireland

Now the question or riddle of the day:

Was it flotsam or Jetsam? NOAA says there is a difference.

my understanding has always been that jetsam was voluntarily ejected from a vessel and flotsam was accidentally dumped, as in a shipwreck. So jetsam is abandoned and finders keepers but flotsam could be claimed by rightful owners.

Just ordered the “Moby Duck” book (and a couple of others) from one of my fave used book marts. Was only $4.19. I’m in the midst of building a “little library” to mount on the big tree stump in front of my next door neighbor’s place so the book will go in there when I’ve read it.

Power company came in September and removed the huge old silver maple that was along the sidewalk. Hate to lose a big tree but it was good they got it when they did: the main trunk was mostly hollow from about 10’ up the trunk to the crown. I did a rough estimate of the rings on the 40" diameter stump and it looks like it had been there since this block was a farmstead along historic Braddock Road (now the Lincoln Highway) in the 1870’s.