Travel from Ohio to Florida with kayak on roof rack

Thanks everyone. I made the trip and had a few issues along the way. I included a picture with my set up. Checked everything with every pit stop. I had a problem when driving with one of the hooks. I tried to included a picture of what happened to the hook but it is too large a file. Top hook almost straighten out and snapped. Did I strap it to tight…not enough? I did not double strap as I only had one and there was no place to connect another one. The back strap was ok.

Strap broke a different time- but the rope wore through from rubbing on the bumper- the hook was still attached.

I am thinking of using the Thule Quick Straps next time. Thoughts

I removed the hooks from my Thule quick draws and replaced them with high quality climbing carabiners

I’m in the camp that prefers to just use rope with no hooks or other devices. I usually attach one end with a bowline knot, and the other end with a taut-line hitch. The taut-line hitch makes a loop that can be tightened or loosened as needed.

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I think we should have warned you about those Thule hooks! :scream:

Most of us who use the Thule tie downs have ditched the hooks. I use the Thule under hood loops at the front of my Santa Fe and just use a loop to loop connection. At the rear I just made loops from sail rope and attached them to the D-rings that are on the deck of my car underneath the hatch. Again, I use loop to loop connections. In over 8 years of use I’ve never seen any wear on the car’s paint although I did just replace the tie downs as the ropes were getting a bit worn and the ratchet carabiners were getting a bit stiff from corrosion. For the amount of use I’ve had though - mainly in salt water - I can’t really complain though.

But I am surprised that the hooks actually bent/broke Just how tight did you have the bow and stern lines? They only need to be snug.

First, don’t use the Thule hooks. Either replace them with a closed carbineers or replace the entire thing with decent rope and use knots. Can get good rope at any marine store.

Also advise against going to the bumper, hood loops instead so you can see them better if things are heading south. And the line is not ling enough to get trapped in your wheel well, a serious possibility if you are dancing down the highway at 60 mph unable to immediately pull over.

I have a virgin set of the Thule lines because I have never used them. Nor would I unless I found myself with a major problem and traveling without spare stuff.


You can easily double strap with the Hullivator. Just run a second strap around the boat, under the cross bar the Hullivaor sits on. Wrap any leftover around the tower/footpad whatever. There are no rules saying a strap can only be run thru designated spots on a mount.

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