Tsunami 120SP fix?

My son’s WS Tsunami 120SP allows water to freely flow under the rear bulkhead. Thought the bulkhead was making this a safe boat, but when I went to empty it the other day I noticed it doesn’t seal at all.

Can I just run thick beads of Aquaseal or something to seal it or should I refer this back to Wilderness Systems? I think this is a very fine boat for my kids - but as is it is very unsafe as it would fill up and sink just like any cheap rec kayak at this point.


If plastic…
and a foam bulkhead? Lexel, from a hardware store, probably cheaper than the amount of Aquaseal you’d need. Run it liberally around, if you can get in there, both sides of the bulkhead.

FYI, if it is foam bulkheads in a plastic boat, you can pretty much figure on it being annual maintenance to renew the stuff. It’s the nature of the beast - over time things get squished or deformed a bit and the seal loses integrity.

what she said
clean and dry and goop her up.


I had
I had the same problem with my Tsunami. I contacted WS and they sent me a repair kit and directions. Call them and complain the boat should not leak.