Two Weeks on Salt Water

These photos where taken just below Silver Springs in Feb when they nest there. In SC at Sparkleberry Swamp where their are often huge numbers of cormorants they are considered a nuisance. There was a hunt for them to reduce their numbers a few years ago. Though many were killed it really didn’t seem to reduce their impact.

On the Olympic Peninsula we usually saw them on large rocks in the sea, dock rails, or tops of any posts. Not in the trees, but in FL rivers there are no large rocks.

I remember lots of ANHINGAS (look like cormorants) sitting in trees along FL rivers.

@pblanc said:
Never, ever paddle underneath a tree limb with a cormorant sitting on it.

Or walk even near a lightpole with a cormorant on it, especially with strong wind. They AIM for you, and on those days simply not being underneath is not enough to avoid an oily, fishy, stinky splat.

We used to barely avoid getting splatted when paddling near cormorants in CO reservoirs, where they perched on the snags of drowned but standing trees. By the time we lived in WA, we knew to successfully avoid being hit.