tylenol or ibuprofen

The choice is obvious!! As a chronic headache sufferer, I would know. Many people think that they will get an upset stomach from ibprophen, but there is a way to fix that. Just take the pill with a big glass of milk. Milk will protect your stomach linning from ibprophen. I always feel so much better after I take ibprophen. And, Tenenol is more dangerous. I am not taking one today because daily doses is bad, But I am going to take one on sunday before attending a Current Designs Demo. I take one pill even if I dont have pain when going on any type of trip or recreation to prevent headaches from comming on suddenly

Just want to point out that Tyelenol
is inferior to aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, etc. etc. in absolutely every respect except alimentary tract irritation. In fact, Tyelenol is a mediocre pain reliever, has no anti-inflammatory effect, is not a vasodilator, is not an anti-clotting agent, and causes as much trouble for the liver as NSAIDS cause for the alimentary tract and the kidneys.

For sports related pain and inflammation, Tyelenol is going to do you little or no good. Your best bet is to use NSAIDS and intellegently manage the side effects.

But it does help reduce fever and when
mixed with codeine…Tylenol 3…its a great drug, if you can tolerate codeine.

you’re forgetting a key analegesic
it’s green and leafy- your favourite bud! don’t leave home without it.

for most my bodies complaints, water, beer, hammer gel, and oreos for the rest.

Gives me headaches and I’m allergic
to smoke, dust on the green stuff, and chemicals if not organic.

Aleve is as miracle drug, taken one
at a time, like Chuck says.

Thats a strong statement
Ya talked me into it, I’ll try some next time. ;^)

Ibuprofen warning
WARNING! Ibuprofen and Tylenol are not just interchaneable pain-killers. They are entirely different drugs and work differently.

Tylenol, like Aspirin, is safe to take (in the strengths sold over-the–counter)by just about anybody, but that is NOT THE CASE WITH IBUPROFEN which is also an anti-inflammatory.

Ordinarily it might be the better choice for pain caused by sore muscles, but if you are taking drugs like Coumandin/Warfarin or other blood thinners I think your doctor would recommend against it. And there may be other conditions or medications that don’t get along with it. If you are taking any medications now, check WebMD on the internet to see whether Ibuprofen is compatable with it.

And always avoid mixing up magic drug combinations in the hope that if one hair of the dog that bit you is good, two or three hairs from various dogs would be even better. This is a case of when “more” is not always better… and a Great way to wind up on the Evening Newscast!

Acetaminophen causes liver damage…
Tests have indicated that Acetaminophen taken in conjuction with alcohol causes liver damage. Of course, I’m sure all medications taken in conjunction with alcohol will have some type of undesirable effect, but it is my understanding that acetaminophen and alcohol poses a higher risk to the liver then other medications.

My younger brother said same thing
HE tried mucinex, said it was awful.

What do you usually take?
I would pack whatever you use at home. For me, that is ibuprofin because I have a doctor’s instructions for a non-label safe dosage (a bunch at a time, alarmingly often). For my SO, that is tylenol because ibuprofin = hives. With any of them, I would not try something ‘backcountry’ that you have not had a long history with ‘front country.’ If you are travelling with a group, take some of everything and ask the patient what they usually use.

And check you expiration dates. I got a ‘new’ first aid kit as a gift that already contained expired medications. If you are using the same stuff as you use at home, you can take the ones from you kit at home when they start to age.

Yeah, I refused coumadin for several
good reasons, and one of them is that Tyelenol does not work for me, while NSAIDs work very well. Docs with coumadin clinics as part of their practice are putting questionable cases on it to expand practice income.

Ibuprofen, if you can tolerate it…
Why? It reduces inflammation, which means it can actually inhibit the further injury that often happens to joints as they get irritated by paddling. IOW, it ain’t just the pain – inflammation can actually injure things further. This is the case with the osteoarthritis in my shoulder.

So that’s why Vitamin I (= ibuprofen) and aspirin are generally better for sports injuries than Acetomenophin (= Tylenol).