Type of canoes to look for

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I know you claim Tuff weave to be the holy grail of all materials and I am not going to keep replying to you, but to answer your question.

Yes you can order a Jensen.

I have two of them and other canoes made out of other materials.

A Kevlar boat in my estimation is the easiest to repair should it get a scratch or need a patch.

If I pull over a log and I am in my kevlar boat instead of my OT roylex and get a scratch on it, it takes me only a couple of minutes to fix it with a five dollar tube of two part epoxy that I can get in any hardware.

The OP was looking for light weight. A Jensen 17 in Kevlar is lighter than a Jensen 17 in Tuff weave.

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Merry Xmas and thank you
Merry Xmas and thank you all so very much I am learning tons of stuff. I can’t imagine the years of experience I have just tapped into.

Very cool.

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exploring available mechanisms for loading canoes is necessary with Tule, Yakima, and on line maybe in Images.

Buying used from a private owner or unreliable boat shop requires online reading up on fiberglass layup or composite construction ‘surveying’

The first read I have from FOR SALE CARBON FIBER CANOE NEVER PADDLED IN RAIN BY OLD WOMAN…is a drunk dropped it 10’ off a dock onto the rip rap or off the back of the dual wheel pickup at 40 mph.