Ugh. Or: One disadvantage of trailers

In hopes that this thread will actually help someone else who suffers the results of such ghastly incidents, I offer the following follow-up.

As previously noted, the bloody, greasy PD bits left what looked like oil stains on the minicell foam blocks. I had first rinsed them with plain water at the launch, then washed with dish detergent at home. When they dried the grease spots persisted. Next, I applied GoJo Orange hand degreasing gel and then washed that off. I had thought that got the stains out, finally.

Well, the spots were still there today when I used the blocks again, to go paddling. They didn’t reek like before but when I put my snooter right on them (no, I don’t know why I do things like this except maybe the dogs I used to have might have had undue influence on me), I could tell they did not smell like the rest of the foam.

That ticked me off.

Next step when I came home was bringing out the big guns: OUT! Advanced Severe Stain and Odor Remover spray.

The stains are still there. But a snoot test reveals it got rid of that je ne sais quois smell.

My mother told the story of hitting a buzzard while in a relative’s car. This was in the late 1920’s.
She said the buzzard took out the windshield and landed in the back seat where it vomited.
She was not known for fabrication.

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It’s true; vultures vomit when stressed, which being smashed through a windshield definitely falls under.

A naturalist gave a talk at a park where I was camping. Her cohort was a vulture, calm and collected during the talk. But the naturalist said it always got carsick. She stressed that if you think regular vomit is horrible, it ain’t got nuthin’ on vulture vomit.

Around here, a big tree in the nearest town was known for its multitude of vultures roosting at night. The tree grew right next to the sidewalk or road. People complained about the poopage. A local news article warned people not to harass the birds, because that would stress them out, and then bad things issued forth.

Vultures often fly over or around my home. They are good flyers and ride thermals, which we get a lot of. I talk to the vultures, and they seem to recognize me. Can’t tell as much as with corvids or other birds, due to lack of vocalization except for hissing or grunting. Vultures simply cannot sing or call like most birds do.

If I see several of them staying close to a spot that isn’t their hangout, there almost certainly is a dead critter nearby. I consider it a heads-up that some jerk might have dumped a poached deer or whatever.

And here I was thinking of the disadvantage of trailer is the lack of being able to turn them around on a logging road that has been discontinued , blocked with rocks. bridge taken out or a mud pit of a road. Backing up for miles is never fun.

I am always wary in the North Maine Woods as there are way too many of these roads and the latest Gazetter is not always correct.


I was on a group bike tour in Washington state and had to clean mashed slugs off some ladies brake pads.
Not a fan of trailers for a lot of reasons.

It’s sad that not one person has any sadness for the poor little life that was ended. It was a creature of God and it’s death isn’t a big joke.

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Very disturbing they all think the death of little creatures is such great fun.