Ultralight Tandem

I’m considering upgrading my canoe if I can significantly reduce the weight by doing so. I currently have a Bell Northwind in black gold that I like but I’d like to get down to about 35 lbs. The options I’m aware of are Swift’s Keywadin 17 and Savage River’s Deep Creek or Blackhawk.

The canoe would be used for week long BWCA trips, as well as local lakes and slow rivers. Max load would be two 200 lb adults, a 50 lb kid, and 100 lbs of gear but typically would be the two adults and about 50 lbs of gear.

The Keywadin seems like it would be close to the Northwind. The Savage Rivers seem a bit low in the bow for rough water but I’ve read nothing but good things about them.

Neither brand is available locally so if anyone has any experience with any of these boats with similar loads in similar use, I would appreciate your thoughts on how they handle.

I wasn’t going to respond since…
I have no experience with either of those canoee, but since no one chimed in, I figured I would throw out another boat for you to take a look at.

Check out a Wenonah ultralight Jensen 17 out of Kevlar.

It weighs 39 pounds and in my opinion it is a wonderful do all canoe.

It handles rough lake water very well and is also fast even with a load in it

jack L

I’ve paddled the Kee in all of its i

But on quiet lakes. I do like David Yost boats and his standards are seaworthiness and sea kindliness on rough water.

He aims to make the ride pleasant and stable for the bow paddler.

But the Kee is no slouch!

Havent paddled the others… These comparison questions are rough as few folks have exposure to ALL of them

I have owned a Blackhawk for 15 years. It is a high volume tripper with pulled in gunnels for ease of paddling. It is one of the few trippers I have paddled that excels on windy lake and on shallow twisty rivers. I own over 30 canoes the only tripper that is near as good is the Wenonah Whitewater X. The Blackhawk is fast, stable and can handle a big load.

I appreciate the opinions and alternative suggestions. It’s tough to convince myself to purchase something I can’t try so all the information is very helpful.

Which model Blackhawk?

Lost in Translation
They aren’t talking about a canoe made by Blackhawk, but a canoe called Blackhawk that’s made by Savage River.