Unconscious and upside down - now what?

that was
my point about practicing with a willing vic w/noseplug, who can hang awhile under the boat while you sort out the ‘move’. the leverage and balance aspect of it all takes a bit to figure out.

especially when size/width comes into play.


I agree

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if you practice the technique on bigger guys with wide kayaks it makes you a lot more effective. I've been able to get a 260 lbs guy in a foster shadow up who really was a "victim" by really torquing down on the cockpit rim, and then grabbing the pfd once he was almost all the way up...

this was while I was in my silhouette, I weigh 170lbs and I'm only 5'7" with short arms.

“rescue…?” Not “execute.” Sorry. :wink:


I’ll have to give that method a shot
Perhaps the problems I’ve had were strictly a matter of technique.

that’d be my guess.

We spend alot of time in instructor training making sure that it is possible for most everyone to figure this out.

B I G / little/ w i d e /narrow/ FAT/ skinny

it IS a challenge but with someone who CAN hang out under water for a while the topside rescuer can sort it out and TRY different leverages/balance points/ push/pull. with a coach helping figure it out it ‘generally’ is successful.

great pool activity!