under deck bag

I know this has been discussed, but I want to get an under deck bag for my avocet and would like to hear from those of you who use one.

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My comments from an earlier thread -
edited a bit:

[Northwater Under-Deck Bag]

Have one. Love it.

Serves as a day hatch since my Q700 doesn’t have one. Sure, I have to pop the skirt to access it, but if it’s too rough for that I’m not likely to be reaching around behind me to get into a standard day hatch either.

Very easy to open and access contents. Bag is not overly large, but holds a lot. I can get in two 24 oz bottles, cell phone in waterproof case, food, etc. It will hold a 70oz hydration bladder (and probably nothing else). Clothes may be too bulky to put in it. I also slide my pump in between the top of the bag and bottom of the deck.

For me it rides in the space between my feet and shins, just below my knees (not really between knees - it’s a bit farther down and very out of the way) in wasted space. On some boats this may mean you have to pay more attention getting in and sliding feet along sides of bag instead of straight down the center. Not enough to call interference for me, but may change how you position your feet on entry. Could be a bigger issue for larger feet/smaller cockpits. It has NO impact for me on exits - which is more important.

Pretty easy to snap the bag in and out (take lunch ashore, etc).

This bag is still in my top 5 gear purchases. (Superior Carbon GP, Q700, IR backband, and Garmin GPSMAP76 being the other 4).

The tricky part is determining where to glue the patches in (but at least no drilling!). You want them even in relation to centerline and the right distance apart so the bag doesn’t hang too low. Take your time and measure/mark it out.

Under Deck bags
What adhesive did you use? I was contemplating using an adhesive such as Plexus - like the QCC seam & bulkheads are glued with, but if you have successfully used a contact type it would be simpler


Glue options
The instruction with teh bag make some recommendations on adhesives (sorry threw them out). Basically, the patches are PVC - so any good vinyl adhesive should work. I used E6000 in stead with good result.

I have a plastic avocet…
will the instructions let me know whuch adhesives I can use? Or should I ask around?



I’m sorry I don’t have the exact type in my head but if you look at NRS there is a glue that they recommend for the vinyl patches with d-rings,I wonder if that would work? Although it’s not attractive it’s possible to find some smaller screws like the kind used to anchor seats/coamings to the hull and use loops of webbing underneath as anchor points for bungie or whatever kind of bag you want. That space under the deck is underutilized by most folks and is the best place to put a handpump or any vital item next to using the pockets in a pfd. Given the ease with which stuff on the deck can get ripped off it doesn’t make sense to put a handpump or other vital things there.

Vynabond is the recommended adheseive for the pads. I don’t know how well it would stick to a PE kayak - not much sticks to that - and mine’s in a composite. On my PE SOT, I’ve only used mechanical fasteners for accessories.

Someone here should have tried this, or email Northwater about installing in a polyethylene boat (again - I’m pretty sure this is coverend in the instructions that come with the bag).

Vyna-bond for composite
IMHO, nothing sticks well enough to roto to be considered ‘bombproof’ The plastic is too oily.

Contact cement works for foam but for PVC , I just don’t trust glue.

I’ve screwed webbing in. PITA for screw heads on deck but… bomber.


I’m afraid that’s what the answer would

There are some #10 ss screws with a wider than normal shallow round head that wouldn’t be too obtrusive. They’re just hard to find. With a folded over piece of webbing and 1/2" ss. washer and locknut underneath it’s a perfect place to lace some webbing for a pump or bag.

I bet in a couple years the next plastic “perfect sea kayak” will have underdeck rigging just like the Mariners or some British boats. It makes too much sense to have a secure place in the cockpit for gear that can be reached while sitting in the cockpit. Gettting stuff out of a “day hatch” is 10X dicier than popping the sprayskirt, grabbing something, then putting the skirt back on compared to contorting around.

Just out of curiosity were day hatchs on early Brit boats a consequence of making a deck mold to accomodate a pump? If you don’t buy the optional pump,you get the hatch?

There is a better way
but I’m not giving all my design ideas away - might get lucky enough to design paddling gear someday instead of the stuff that pays the bills now.

Ah, someone’s probably already done what I have in mind anyway!