Update to old Zephyr 155 post with video

I put together a short video on my rolling sessions earlier in April. I’ve been on the water with the Zephyr almost every weekend since. I absolutely love how this boat fits and handles, so once again thanks to all for the input you guys gave me as I made my decision to get it.

Video -> http://youtu.be/qBszdcgT6-U



Very nice! Glad you like it!
It is so easy to roll, it sometimes masks imperfect technique…

Great choice…
…I’m really pleased for you. The Z is a great boat. Have fun.

You’re completely right
You can tell how at first I was really powering through my roll, rather than following the blade through the motion. Towards the end I tried more and more to make it as slow as possible, relying as little as possible on power. I just sprinkled a little of each step of my learning for the video, but I can’t wait for the water around me to warm up to continue working on technique and expand to different types of rolls. The zephyr however does whatever you ask of it. And this forum was very helpful in helping me try lots of other boats before making up my mind on it.

Thanks for posting this
I have a Z as well and I need to learn to roll the darn thing. As you say, maybe when the water warms. Or maybe in a friend’s pool sometime. I use a greenland paddle which put a slightly different twist on it - but honestly not all that much different. I love the greenland paddle and prefer it for general paddling.

second that
Another boat I have had my eye on.

The roll I was taught is supposed to be the regular Greenland roll, only with a euro blade and not extended. For reference we used the “this is the roll video” by Cheri Perry & Turner Wilson (link below), where they teach the roll with a Greenland paddle first and then modify to the euro blade. The motion is pretty much exactly the same, just gets altered with your hand positioning. The body motion is supposed to be the same. (Getting it all correct is the tough part!). I found it much easier to learn it in a pool. With goggles on you can easily watch your paddle arc around you and it’s less disorienting. Also, no waves, and the temperature was always perfect. I can’t wait to try it in tougher waters though. I’m sure it’s a completely different feeling.

The Z however is extremely forgiving, and a pleasure to learn in.