Upgrade from iPhone 11 to 11 Pro for better impromptu wildlife / bird pics?

To the original question, I’m leaning toward upgrading the 11 to an 11 pro for the added 2x telephoto camera, even though I don’t want to give up an additional $300.

Might not help much with birds, but should help with insects, flowers and people.

Might even add a clip on optical 2x for greater magnification when the phone is the only camera that I have with me.

Their comment referred to the fact that the sensor for the 11 Pro 2x camera is smaller than the sensor for the 1x camera, so a 2x crop of of a photo taken with the 1x camera, may be of similar quality to a 2x photo taken with the 2x camera.

Sensor size is a factor, as well as the lens. I think that’s a factor in why the Night function only works with the 1x camera and not the wide angle or 2x cameras, which both have smaller sensors.

I stopped by the local Verizon store this afternoon and compared the 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max - I definitely want the 2X telephoto - makes a big difference in picture quality when fully zoomed.

Now the decision is between the Pro or Pro Max.

I prefer the Pro Max for pictures and video.

I prefer the Pro for text - narrower columns and less left to right eye movement than on the Pro Max when held in the vertical position.

I do a lot or reading news and facebook on my phone, as well as taking pictures, so this is a difficult decision.

The Pro would fit in my current belt pouch and waterproof pouch that I use for the 6S. The Pro Max would require all new gear.

I’ll likely make a decision tomorrow.

I ended up buying the 11 Pro Max for the larger display while taking, viewing and editing photos and videos. It’s much bigger to tote around than the 11 Pro, but I do appreciate the larger screen.

The 2x telephoto and low light capabilities are significant improvements over the capabilities of the 6S that it’s replacing.

I have a lot to learn about the camera capabilities, operation and post processing.

I had no idea that the old 6S had many of the same editing capabilities as these new phones, or I would have at least done some cropping of many photos before posting or sharing over the last four years.

Now to order a case with external lens mounting capabilities and an additional 2x telephoto lens and macro lens to expand my options even more.

I’m pleased so far.

Now get into Moment and start digging… There is a LOT your phone can do that is not obvious without the app.

I’m probably going to order a Sandmarc 2x lens with lens mounting case today and will also get a photo processing app such as Procam or what Moment offers to allow seamless use of of the additional 2x lens over the native 2x lens.

The Moment brand 2x lens, lens caps and lens mounting case are nearly double the cost of Sandmarc to get started with the basics.

Those are the only two lens brands that I’ve identified, so far, that offer lens mounting cases as alternatives to the clip on mounts and both brands of lenses have great reviews.

Oh I was just referring to the Moment App… $5.99

I did try on a rose breasted grosbeak today and it seems that there is a lot of blur. I had it zoomed pretty close… I don’t think the 11 's have image stabilization and a tripod is needed… Which I do have but might as well use the bigger cameras.

I am learning a whole bunch from the app but if I remember how do use it in the field is another matter!

I haven’t had any image stabilization problems with either my old iPhone 6s or with my new 11 Pro Max using the native software on the phones.

Maybe try a similar situation using the native software, rather than the Moment software.

The image stabilization only works on the one X and 2X lenses on the iPhone 11 Pro and not on the white angle.

I just ordered this Shiftlens multi-lens kit from Shiftcam to try.

I opted for free shipping, which should take 7 - 14 days.