Upgrading paddle, thoughts?

I have also seen them on the back deck

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But they do extend past the stern like this.

I’m stuck on Bending Branches paddles
They may not be good for a lot of things but if you want a paddle that won’t break, this is it.

more on GP carrying
All three of my sea kayaks are Greenland style with flattened foredecks - I can see how some more rounded decks might make flush carrying less simple.

There are two and 3-piece GP’s – the Feathercraft Klatwa is one and many of the makers have the option to make their models breakdown with fiberglass/carbon connectors. I have a Northern Lights carbon 3-piece but it has a set screw connector lock that requires a tool so I would not try to carry it on the boat unassembled. (got it so I could break it down to pack for airline travel with my folding kayaks).

If I am not going all that far I have a 72" Greenland storm paddle that is easy to stash on the deck and a very unobtrusive spare.