Urethane Quest

Am looking for some place to get a small amount (maybe 3 oz) of Dupont 7500 2 part urethane for a small test experiment. It's the finish that Phil Green of Woodsong Boats uses for his paddles. It seems to be an "industry only" very expensive finish.

Does anyone know of anyone that uses this and would sell a small portion?

Did a search thru the Dupont site and can't even find it mentioned

Thanks for any reply
Best Wishes

Dupont ChromaClear Multi-Use 7500
That’s the full name. Some variants are V-7500S and 7500 LE, etc.

Check automotive (paint/body) supply sources. These are designed/used to refinish clear coats, add UV protection over decals, etc.

Only place I found: http://www.mikeandjerrys.com/dChromaBase.asp

But the stuff is mentioned enough on auto/cycle sites that it must be pretty commonly available. Odds are someone local to you uses it.

Thanks Greyak