Used my rescue Knife Saturday

“I think the need for a knife might be related to carelessness and low intelligence.”

The same thing could be said about the inability to operate a knife safely.

neither one of us has that data

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(haVE that data?)

...but only one of us opened by commenting on others' use of a knife.

I can wear one on a lash tab on the inside of my PFD, when I feel it's advisable. Sort of like a tow rig, I don't always take it. In a vacuum, is it a hindrance? I suppose. So is a dry suit or clothing in general. IS it cheap insurance with remote consequences for me personally? Yes. Am I any more advanced than the average bear here? Not by any measure.

don’t cut yourself

I want a big rescue knife
Have you ever tried to cut a grapefruit or spread peanut butter with a little rescue knife? I’m thinking maybe a big dive knife might be a better option.

Any problems with long knife? Seem like it would be a lot more practical.

Gerber Shorty
Does your Shorty attach to your PFD lash tab? No matter what I try, the clip will not fit.