Utah Trip

Temps May Vary - Check Local Listings
March and April are ideal times to paddle in Southern Utah. For the most part, the evenings are cool and the days are warm. You can’t really predict the temperatures but I can tell you by May it will be hot. Memorial Day weekend begins the real heat.

In addition, that is the time when you also will see the most boat traffic. Most people begin their vacations between Memorial Day and Labor Day. However, these people are not kayaking but riding in large air-conditioned power boats and house boats.

Southern Utah and Northern AZ are both damn hot by June but I have done trips and if you keep well hydrated and wet, it can be done.


Going towards Escalante
Hi Mike,

I think we’ve decided to go towards Boulder Escalante, so any info you have on that area would be greatly appreciated. You also mentioned that you had done some flat water paddling around Bluff. If there are any suggestions in that area that would be great!



Near Boulder and Escalante
Sorry for the delay in response…I have been out on holiday.

There is not a lot of water in that area but a nice paddle is Lower Bowns which is due north of Boulder. It is a small yet pleasant place. The area has a nice campground and there are some fascinating rock formations around the reservoir.

There is a large pinion and juniper population surrounding the water and some great red rock. I imagine you could bike and hike a bit there as well. The location sits on the west side of Capitol Reef and if you head up UT-12, you can get a nice view of the reservoir and the surrounding landscape.

The road to Lower Bowns is not exactly easy. It is a bit rough in spots and while it is maintained, spring conditions may make it rut filled. The drive is not too long and is worthwhile to get to the reservoir.

Escalante has a state park with a reservoir called Wide Hollow. While the water features are not as nice, their is a petrified forest at the park and the camping accomodations are superior.

It would be a good spot to toss in a boat if you need a paddle but aren’t inclined to do any driving.

Last, it is spring and the Escalante should see an increase in CFS. However, it is a desert river and the window is very small when you can paddle without having to drag your boat a ton. Also, the length of trips may vary. I have heard people running it all the way to Powell and others saying they have done a short float.

I would check with this outfitter to see what they think:


One thing you should do is make the hike to either lower or upper Calf Creek. Both are spectactular locations and great hikes.



Utah trip –
Put in on the Green at Mineral Springs. You’ll have enough time to enjoy the river. Glenn Canyon is a zoo with power boater varooming like a swarm of gnats. I just returned from a ten day trip on the Green which I enjoyed and a three day trip on Lake Powell which really sucked. I was hoping to explore more of Glenn Canyon but felt my live was worth more than then almost sure certaintee of getting run over by a power boat. Also, Glenn Canyon has house boats which have generators, so unless you like to hear them, forget Glenn Canyon.

It’s starting to get hot in the Moab area so bring clothes for the sun. I sure suffered not having a long sleeve shirt and ended up putting up the tent to get out of the sun when we got wind bound when paddling.

The Escalante is a great place to hike. The problem is water in any hiking in the desert. I think Moab is a great area, but it’s the desert and it’s starting to get hot.