Valley Aquanaut LV vs. Avocet

Valley specs to be exactly correct?

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The range maybe alright, but even Peter Orton noted that the ideal load for the Avocet is likely more than stated on the Valley site.

The personality of my Valley boats changes notably through the load range stated for each. I prefer how my Nordkapp LV behaves with more than the 'ideal' load. I prefer my Aquanaut with less load.

I’ve paddled a roto Aquanaut LV
for a few years and love it. I’m 5’9" and 150 lbs. It is a fine fit but the composite is a much better and snugger fit for me. In either case, the boat, in my opinion, is fun and can do anything.

I’ve only sat in an Avocet a few times so I can’t respond re: that boat except that I felt the Naut was a better fit.

Good luck.

Again, at 5’9 ~175 I’ve happily used my Avocet for many trips up to 7 days. It holds me and my gear just fine. It does start to feel overloaded if I have to carry many days of fresh water.

That said, this is just my opinion. Get the boat that sings to you.


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You;re right, the Av LV is too small for you (based on Peter Orton in the vid above)

Avocet RM--slightly small for me at 165lb 5 foot 8.75 inches; like it, but feel I am sitting high, so don;t love it. Never been in a compsite Avocet.

Aquanaut LV--ideal.

I have a carbKev hulled Premium Layup (not ultra) on the AqLV, and with the clearcoat, it is super appealing. Ultra is cK deck and hull. Both are quite a premium price to save only a few lbs. Something to consider in price per lb.

Most importantly, is to have fun with your kayaking, original poster.

There’s nothing like a Valley…

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I like the feel of many Valley boats as well - I currently own 2 - a Nordkapp LV and an Aquanaut.

If you're fond of Valley then try a Nordkapp LV as well as the Avocet and Aquanaut LV.

The Nordkapp LV provides a combination of quickness and responsiveness unlike any other boat I've paddled. It is not as confidence inspiring as an Avocet or Aquanaut, but it feels livelier than either to me.



Here’s my Aquanaut LV with clearcoat

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Click the photo to enlarge, mariariver.

One-foot difference in length
I’m surprised nobody has pointed it out, but the Aquanaut LV is 17’1" and the Avocet is 16’.

My regular boat is a P&H Sirius, which is 17’. It’s a little too straight-tracking to teach in, so I’ve been trying shorter boats, including the Fathom LV & P&H Capella, among others.

As a female paddler without the upper-body musculature that makes guys scoff at differences in length, I find that a one-foot length difference makes a huge difference in speed. Enough to convince me that I need (at least) two boats. That’s my multiple-boat rationalization. Pretty good, huh? :slight_smile:

Seriously, it’s something to keep in mind. I think the best way to test speed is to demo each boat with the same person paddling alongside. It’ll give you a pretty good idea of relative speed.

Interesting comments and loved the the videos from the tube.

Thank you
These were very informative–thanks for the reading!

Now it looks as though there are three options.

Great pic!
Absolutely beautiful–thanks for the picture. Is Guinness your dog or your beer?

Fortunate for you there is a place so perfect for practicing your rolls, wet exits, etc.!

Things to consider
I hadn’t thought of speed yet in the whole equation–thanks for bringing these points up. Great rationalization, too!

LOL. Guinness is a Pnetter.

Sectional kayak might help.

Weight aboy 22 lbs per section. Assemble at water…8 bolts, 10 minutes.

Aquanaut LV or Avocet LV
Maria - Did you end up getting one of these boats? If so, which one, and how do you like it?

I, too, am trying to decide between these 2 boats. This will be my first sea kayak. I have been renting sea kayaks for the last 3 years, trying to make a buying decision. Yesterday, I tested the Aquanaut RM. I wanted to test the Aquanaut LV, but they didn’t have one. I also tested the Avocet LV and the P&H Scorpio LV. It so happened that it was a windy day, which gave me a better feel for how these boats track. I first tried them without the skegs (rudder on the Scorpio) and then tried them with the skegs. I loved the Avocet LV. Even without the skeg, it tracked very well for me, felt quick, and was easy to turn. But while I am only 5’4", I weigh 160 lb, so I am a little big for the Avocet LV and as this will be my only sea kayak, I would like to be able to take it on weekend and weeklong trips, and I’m afraid that with it fully loaded, I will be over the ideal weight. I’m thinking I should go back and beg my dealer to get an Aquanaut LV out of their warehouse for me to test. But from everything I read, I still think I am going to like the Avocet LV better. I didn’t like the Scorpio at all, much to my surprise. It tracked terribly without the rudder. Any suggestions would be appreciated.