VHF Radio recommendations

Just an update on this thread, there is a coupon applicable to some and an ICOM unit with a rebate and lotso features (DSC, GPS waypoints and floats) available via West Marine thru this wknd. If they don’t run out. The ICOM unit is still taller than I would like but it is on the slim side compared to most so far. I just made the Coast Guard husband of my godchild happy, he looks up VHF’s with DSC every time we get together.
As far as checking the signal, I may not be able to until I get to Maine. There is a CG station associated with the federal dam here, but I don’t know if they are set up to verify an MMSI signature since we are inland. I told my CG connection that, so will probably get a text back today indicating he has talked to someone locally to find out. :slight_smile: