visor for helmet

I have a helmet I wear when playing in tide rips or surf. ProtTec brand. I would like to add a visor to it. I have seen some folks wearing visors which are velcroed on to the front.

The instructor shown making a wave diagram at is wearing one.

Anyone know brands/models of these, and possibly online sources?

salamander NM

Salamander "Beak"
here is a link:

I’ve not seen or tried on of these, but they look good. I use a ball cap that fits under my helmet - it makes a good combination, especially with a nylon Columbia cap.


Yep Salamander
I have used one for the last couple of years and love it.

As seen here:

and here:

And I got it here:

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Another vote for Salamander NM

many thanks
Looks like exactly what I was looking for…

I riveted 3 snaps to the front of my protec, to accept a visor sold for motorcycle helmets. Works good for me.

I am always worried…
…about putting any sort of metal in my helmets (bike, kayak, etc). Most helmets work by collapsing/compressing under impact. But a bolt or rivet won’t collapse, possibly reducing th effectiveness of a helmet.

that explains the dents in my head…