Back from my tangent.
Medications are kicking in nicely, and my burning desire to build a wanigan is somewhat faded. But I still am searching for the perfect gear box for my kitchen kit (service for four) to fit in my Suby OB. I may just fabricate a rectangular box.

I have been wondering why I became so fascinated with the idea of a wanigan…and I believe it was because my first (car) camping trips were with my Mom & Dad in a succession of Ford station wagons in the '50s and '60s. My Dad obtained an old Army surplus “Field Desk”, made some mods to hold an old Bernz-O-Matic propane stove and cook gear, and Mom did her kitchaen thing out of it. I appear to have been indeliably imprinted by this experience.


Love Wanigans!
But I haven’t used one in years. Back in 75’ when we did the Albany River to the James Bay to Moosenee we had wanigans. We brought a frame pack with a shelf to use for portages and man, I will tell you it SUCKED! Heavy enough to sink your feet two feet into the rocks!

Have probably had, made, at least 3 of them and abandoned them all for a Duluth Kitchen Pack. I do miss the abiltity to use them as a table though. If I was going to be doing small trips and needed a lot of cooking gear I’d make one in a second. It’s a nice hunk of gear to have IMO but not one to bring on a long trip.

Jim, if ya decide to build one post some pics, would like to see what you came up with.