Water Breaks

It figures
When I read this post, my first thought was “What moron posted this nonsense?” Then I checked. No surpise.

Hey Mike.
When I used to be a hard core cyclist, on the long century rides, I drank by the mile,- every five water, and every ten my secret elixer (defizzed coca-cola watered down a bit)

I just had to laugh at myself- Now that I am no longer “hard core” and over the hill I still drink by the mile! (just no more century rides)



I just hope the newer paddlers,
or even older folks that are just getting into paddling are not taking his BS seriously.

He is doing more of a dis-service than giving good advice.

Even my sixteen grandchildren don’t believe my “walking barefoot, five miles, in knee deep snow to the first grade” any more!



Utah State
Let me get this straight. Larry Dean Olson taught BS at Utah State University. His book on wilderness survival is nothing but BS.

Tell me something Jack. How much outdoor experience do you really have? Have you ever fought wildfires in the desert? I have. Have you ever worked entire summers into the fall in the mountains? I have. Do you live in the desert and spend days working in 100+ temperatures? I do. Someone else tells of his experiences having difficultly staying hydrated with badder bags and you still think it’s BS. I can tell from your posts that you haven’t really exerted yourself during your life.

Drinking alcohol is another way of dehydrating yourself. Booze is for relaxing non-vigorous paddles. Desert explores should leave it at home.

which one are you using?
1. Original List

1.1 Proof by example

1.2 Proof by intimidation

1.3 Proof by vigorous handwaving

1.4 Proof by cumbersome notation

1.5 Proof by exhaustion

1.6 Proof by omission

1.7 Proof by obfuscation

1.8 Proof by wishful citation

1.9 Proof by funding

1.10 Proof by eminent authority

1.11 Proof by personal communication

1.12 Proof by reduction to the wrong problem

1.13 Proof by reference to inaccessible literature

1.14 Proof by importance

1.15 Proof by accumulated evidence

1.16 Proof by cosmology

1.17 Proof by mutual reference

1.18 Proof by metaproof

1.19 Proof by picture

1.20 Proof by vehement assertion

1.21 Proof by ghost reference

1.22 Proof by forward reference

1.23 Proof by semantic shift

1.24 Proof by appeal to intuition

2. From my own experience

2.1 Proof by acceptance

Look, I and everyone else here is capable of BS, just be able to look yourself in the face regarding this potential, OK?

am i missing something?
there is obviously a lot of subtext here. what was so outrageous about posting the idea that you should stop to drink, instead of sipping all the time? i’m not sure i entirely agree with it, but it doesn’t seem like it should be provoking a flame war. what am i missing?


Do a search
and look at his previous posts.

When you go on any list and make claims that don’t make sense to the majority, then you typically have your bluff called. That’s all that is going on.

When I was in the navy…
I got drunk and slept on the beach one night.

Does that count?



Uphill , …
both ways? We must have gone to the same school!


Withhold urination to conserve fluids?
Why didn’t anyone else jump on that? Do you think the transitional epithelium of the bladder will reabsorb it or something? All you will do is damage you kidneys, which will make fluid regulation and salt balance that much harder for you.

Let me ask you something…
…how much paddling do you do in a friggin’ desert???

Making the argument that desert SURVIVAL techniques have anything to do with OPTIMUM HYDRATION for paddling is just plain ridiculous. The “tanking up” technique you refer to is a NECESSITY when you have LIMITED WATER SUPPLIES FAR APART. You have no choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s the best way to hydrate. Unless you’re doing multi-week, unsupported ocean paddles where fresh water is scare, IT DOESN’T APPLY! It’s very easy to carry enough water for several days in a kayak and just as easy to set up a hydration system that will last you for several hours on the water without stopping, assuming you can go that long between pee breaks. Drinking regularly helps maintain a consistent hydration level and is less stressful on the body than depletion/replenishment cycles. It helps you to maintain a consistent performance level, too. I challenge you to name one endurance sport where regular hydration is not recommended and practiced whenever possible.

As usual, you’ve glommed onto something you’ve read and extrapolated it to paddling in a way that makes no sense. I don’t care what YOU do, but your recommendations are not just ill-advised, they’re WRONG.

let me get this straight…
So let me get this straight… When I’m out sea kayaking “in conditions”, it’s still better to stop paddling and open a hatch to grab a water bottle than it is to keep both my hands on the paddle and flip the tube of my hydration pack up to my mouth.

Another thing about having a hydration pack is that you don’t have to let go of the paddle with either hand, and don’t have to open a hatch or pop the spray skirt at a less than ideal time just to get some water.

Am I reading this right?!

Reason For Post
The reason for my post was to educated people about the proper way to stay hydrated in hot environments. From monitoring this site it has become apparent that many people don’t know how. How they use it is up to them.

If you are paddling along the coast of Baja, in hot weather, it is better to stop for a moment grab a water bottle and take a healthly drink. When making trips like that it good to know how to pace yourself.

If you’re the kind of person who thinks he has to carry his water in a hatch because he can’t think of a better place to store it, well perhaps you might be out of your element when paddling.

"The reason for my post was to educated people about the proper way to stay hydrated in hot environments. From monitoring this site it has become apparent that many people don’t know how."

Let’s see, (“from monitoring this site”) “steve” is from Illinois. It gets “hot” for maybe 10 days a year? And he likes to paddle in Lake Supioria, which the water never goes above 55 degree even in August! And Brian Nystrom is from New Hamshire, which gets, perhaps 10 HOURS a year???

Yeah, “apparent that many people don’t know how” to drink and pace themselves in hot weather!!! Hahaha…


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Right - and this comment I don't understand:

"If you're the kind of person who thinks he has to carry his water in a hatch because he can't think of a better place to store it, well perhaps you might be out of your element when paddling."

I guess you're not a sea kayaker. Putting water bottles or anything else on the deck other than a spare paddle and map isn't a good idea on places like Lake Superior. That, and the fact that in rough conditions the last thing you ever want to do is set your paddle down, are my points. I guess we'll have to "agree to disagree".

Peer reviewed research says :


two serious studies there

All of these years,
it never occurred to me that I might be improperly peeing!

Is it possible for me to pee properly without consuming quarts of water at a time?

I’ve been peeing improperly all of this time?

What shall I do?